Virtual Assistant for Women Entrepreneurs

Let me handle your to-do list. You have better things to think about.

Why do you need a virtual assistant?

To help you run your business smoothly

You need a highly trained individual that has experience with a variety of tools such as social media scheduling, email management, WordPress, image and graphic design, and a handful of others that will help you run your business smoothly. This could be for day to day operations, or a one-time project and launch. I will be a dedicated, reliable member of your team.

To let you focus on money making activities

You need to make the most of your business earnings by not having the tax burden or need for an office for employees. You will gain a higher level of productivity and have more time to focus on the money making activities, like finding new clients and doing what you are passionate about rather than social media, blog or admin tasks that you dislike.

To cheer you on or cheer you up when you need a boost

You need increased business flexibility. You can delegate tasks, have an expert to collaborate with who is dedicated to the success of your business, and have someone to cheer you on or cheer you up when no one else in your immediate friends or family understand what the heck you are doing online ALL THE TIME. I am also here to listen and give feedback on your next big idea.

I am your go-to gal.

As a virtual assistant, I help entrepreneurs build their social media presence along with supporting the essential business tasks at hand so that you can have the freedom to focus on your top business goals.

KM-Leaf Left

Do you have fewer clients than you would like because you're spending all your time on the administrative details?

  • Spinning your wheels, feeling like you're wasting time?

Do your daily activities include any of the following?

  • Formatting newsletters or blog posts?
  • Sourcing & designing that perfect image to highlight your expertly written blog post?
  • Managing one or many social media accounts or just trying to figure out how to set them up properly?

If this sounds like you, can you really afford not to have me on your team?