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I am sure you already know Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool to enhance your reach and reach your audience. And you have tapped into the power of Tailwind to set your pin scheduling to save time. But are you utilizing the Pinterest Trends Tool so you are effective and efficient in your marketing efforts? 

As a Pinterest Strategist, I am always seeking out new tips to share with my clients on how to make the best use of all the tools they provide. Today I am sharing some quick tips about the Pinterest Trends tool. If you aren’t familiar with this, it can help you in brainstorming alternate keywords, finding popular pins to add to your feed, and optimizing your scheduling.

4 Tips to use the Pinterest Trends Tool and master your Pinterest marketing

Find Alternate Keywords to Search

Similar to the traditional Pinterest Search Bar right within Pinterest feed itself, you can start by typing in a search term for your content. In this example, I started typing “DIY Christmas Gifts” and already the suggestions start to appear below for different keyword searches and, to the right, their trend analysis. 

** At the time of this walk-through, the Pinterest Trends tool is still in its early phases and not all terms you may search for have been uploaded and analyzed yet. So if you aren’t finding your particular content, be patient as the developers are still adding data.  

Finding Popular Pins to Schedule

Underneath the Pinterest Trends page are popular pins for the topic you are searching on. While Pinterest no longer displays the specific number of repins a particular post has when viewing other pinner’s content, you can still gather a general idea of its popularity as the pins are ranked in the feed with the most popular being in the top left corner, and then moving left to right and top to bottom (such as reading a book). 

By clicking the popular pins section, as shown here, you will be brought to the traditional Pinterest feed. Here you will find the familiar search tiles so you are able to hone in on your specific search terms and content. In this example, we started with “Christmas Gift Ideas” and refined our search by choosing the tile, “for Women” to yield refined results. Popular pins are ranked starting in the top left, and moving across the top to the right, and then down to the bottom of the page.

Smart-Loop Scheduling Using the Pinterest Trends Tool

In our example of “DIY Christmas Gifts,” the graph illustrates there is not too much search during the year, but in July or August maybe a hint of interest, and then in October it really starts to climb. If you are utilizing Smart Loop, you can schedule your content around “DIY Christmas Gifts” to start looping 30 days prior. I recommend to my clients 45 to 60 days prior to the trends so the content has a chance to seed before the actual holiday. 

The peak of “DIY Christmas Gifts” is December 15, which makes sense since people need time to make the gifts prior to the exchange. You can stop your Smart Loop scheduling of this content after this time.

Perhaps you want to compare keywords utilizing the tool. We can compare searches of “DIY Christmas Gifts” (the blue line in the graph) with other terms, perhaps just “DIY Gifts.”  In comparing the two you can see there are fewer searches for “DIY Gifts” compared to “DIY Christmas Gifts.”  

Below the graphic, the Pinterest Trends Tool will provide you with some alternative suggestions And then again, if you go down here, they’re gonna give you alternate ideas. You can click up to four search terms at a time for comparison. At a glance, you can see “Christmas Gift Ideas” might be a much higher search compared to “Homemade Gifts” and this will help you be strategic when you are keywording those pins.

Search Out Trending Keywords before Content Planning

In my post How to Create Your Content Calendar Using Pinterest, I shared how you can utilize Pinterest to search for information your audience is seeking. The new Trends Tool helps to take this a step further. To illustrate how to use the Trends tool for content planning, I will use a less seasonal example. Using the term, “Chocolate Chip Cookies.” We are able to see fluctuations in the trend throughout the year but cookies still seem to be most popular in the winter months. 

If I am considering planning content about “Sugar Cookies” I can also type that in the tool and see a comparison alongside my “Chocolate Chip Cookies” search term.  The Trends report is giving you the information needed to plan your content: do you want to write about sugar cookies even though it is a less popular search term? Should you choose to stay with chocolate chip cookies? Maybe there is an opportunity to put a spin on your content so it becomes unique but still highly searchable. 

The Pinterest Trends Tool is currently only available in the US. For users outside the US, you may be able to access this using a VPN. 

I do share a walk-through about this post in my video about Pinterest Trends. 

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

As an Online Business Manager, Launch Manager, & Tech Specialist, I remove the tech and systems barriers for women entrepreneurs so they can strategically grow their business without sacrificing time with their families. I am a wife, home schooling mom to 3, and cat mom. I live in Chicago, IL. I love reading, traveling, trying new restaurants, and watching movies.

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  1. Hi Carrie, in about 5 weeks I will have a e-commerce website and was wondering how to get it on pinterest to have my name out there. It will be on Google. I just thought having it out there more would help for sure. My website is not up and running yet.

    1. You need to have your website running first so you can claim it in the settings so it becomes clickable and people can click through to your website. Will you be on Shopify by chance? If so, Shopify has a Pinterest app in their store so you can download it and Pinterest will give you a shop tab. Shopify is not the only platform of course for e-com. You might want to look into Pinterest’s Verified Merchant program as well to get shoppable pins.

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