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Hi, I'm Karrie

I am a home schooling mom running 2 businesses. I can relate when things get hectic.

You are an expert in your field, trying to consistently grow your list, audience, and traffic, but you want to enjoy being an entrepreneur instead of feeling stressed all the time. Right now, that may feel impossible.

That's where I come in.

I afford you the time you need to talk with prospective clients, grow your business, and get that much needed time with family and friends - and to validate the reasons you became an entrepreneur!

If you're stressed out and need help regaining a much-needed feeling of balance and tranquility, I can help you with that too!  When you get overwhelmed with that never-ending list of to-dos and family commitments, you know your sleep and health are the first things to take the backseat. I know, it happened to me too.

If mom's not healthy, it affects the entire family and your work. Learn how I balance my day, calm anxieties, and get a restful sleep. It's easy and takes NO EXTRA TIME! To find out how you can do it too, READ HERE.

"Karrie's attention to detail is awesome. I struggle with this so it is nice to know she is "my brain" with all the other hats I have to wear in my business. She is consistent, reliable, stable, detail-oriented, and professional. I don't have to do everything by myself anymore. She 'gets me and my brand' and can help share the load when it gets too much. Karrie is excellent at this!"

-Beckie Farrant, InfarrantlyCreative.net

"Karrie KNOWS her stuff when it comes to Pinterest. She’s timely, responsive, and an incredible self-starter. She organized our boards, created pinning schedules that helped boost our visibility and the number of followers we have, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who’s in need of social media management. She also is able to back up WHY she does what she does, and gives great strategies and tips that truly make her stand out from other social media managers I’ve worked with."

- Julie Stoian, Pipe & Lime Media

"Karrie exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed working with her. She is easy to work with and communicates in a clear and timely manner. I learned a lot about Pinterest and why it is important to my business strategy."

- Linda Beach, A Passionate Dreamlife.com

"My Pinterest account was a mess! I had neither the time nor the knowledge to update it. Karrie cleaned up my account, gave me some tips, and answered my questions promptly. Karrie is knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to work with.  She exceeded my expectations and I would definitely enjoy working with her again." 

 - Cindy Lee, DetailsSimplyDone.com

"Karrie has been my VA for the past year and a half.  Working with Karie has made my life so much easier!  She manages my social platforms, my website, and my list communications.  She also led the transition of back-of-house systems so that it was seamless to the people on my list and customers. 

She is reliable, organized and has a keen eye for ways to broaden my audience and deepen my opportunities.  She has introduced me to systems and ways of working that have revolutionized my business, saving me hours of time each week.  My business is significantly more sophisticated and targeted since partnering with Karrie.  I would highly recommend working with Karrie as your Virtual Assistant!"

Jen Reed, Jen-Reed.com

"Working with Karrie is amazing. Not only is she very professional and prompt, she also takes lead and completes tasks with little (and sometimes no direction) which has literally been such a relief trying to run a business and do all the things. She understands what it means to produce quality work, and is always positive and generous with her time, advice and skills.

The thing about Karrie that I appreciate the most is her sincere want to help bring organization to your business, and in turn, life. I feel so confident having her as an assistant to help with managing my Facebook page and Pinterest accounts, as well as plenty administrative tasks like proofreading, publishing blog posts, designing graphics and literally anything I just don’t  have the time for. This gal is willing to learn, a true gem of a virtual assistant!"

- Vanessa, VanessaRyan.co

"Working with Karrie was my first ever experience with a VA and she has completely surpassed all my expectations. She's a hard worker and self-starter which is something I genuinely appreciate! In the few months so far that I've worked with Karrie, I have been able to work on projects that I otherwise have been very good at postponing due to 'lack of time'. She 'gets me' and 'my brand' and definitely is a team member who can help share the load when it gets too much. Karrie has been an absolutely crucial investment for me and my business!"

- Zahra Pederson, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

“We were quickly able to put our faith in Karrie and knew she was getting the job done. She has a great attitude and is always up for taking on additional projects. Karrie is a quick learner and needed very little explanation to achieve an awesome end result. Karrie is reliable, trustworthy, and does great work.”

- Rachel Ablacinski, Apple Equities, LLC.

"Karrie always exceeded expectations. I changed how things were done a few times and she always followed through with the changes. Karrie is efficient and gets everything done in a timely manner. If she is unable to meet expectations she is proactive in contacting you right away with any questions or concerns."

- Amanda Stockdale, SicilysHeartandHome.com

“Karrie is awesome! She’s a good listener and thoughtful problem solver. These qualities are often missing in other professionals I’ve worked with. Though Karrie found lots of mistakes I was making with my biz, I never felt judged or inadequate. She listens, gives generous guidance, and follows up with you afterward. To make sure you’re making progress. To give encouragement. I’d say Karrie is detail oriented and thorough when it comes to studying your online presence. She notices things others don’t and has answers on how to correct/boost/tweak what she sees as ineffective areas of your biz.”

-Helen Deasy, LitSteps.com

"Karrie exceeded my expectations. I saw a large increase in Pinterest traffic and an increased email list! Karrie is consistent and honest, she has great business advice. You can trust her to start and finish a project."

-Ali Ierna, Orchard Hill Farm and Home


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