About Me,

Hi, I'm Karrie


Karrie Chariton

Pinterest Marketing Strategist

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 running a business. I can relate when things get hectic.

That's where I come in.

I can help you regain your TIME from the constant social media scroll networking to try to get new clients. I can bring the leads to you.

How you may ask?

My secret weapon...PINTEREST.

Pinterest consistently drives traffic to your website where that traffic is converted into:

  • Leads for your business
  • Subscribers to your email list
  • Affiliate income
  • Sales of your course or digital product

What Client's Are Saying...

Julie Stoian

"Karrie KNOWS her stuff when it comes to Pinterest."

"She backs up WHY she does what she does, and gives great strategies and tips that truly make her stand out from other social media managers I’ve worked with. She helped boost our visibility and the number of followers we have, and I would heartily recommend her to anyone who’s in need of a Pinterest Manager."

Julie Stoian

Create Your Laptop Life & Funnel Gorgeous

"My YouTube traffic increased 17% in just 30 days which has led to consistent sales of my new program!"

"Karrie is amazing at what she does. She understands how to not only drive traffic but also investigates the whole sales funnel to make sure your traffic is converting and offers tips and suggestions for your business to succeed. And she’s tech-savvy too, so she can build the funnel too. A rare gem to find a Pinterest Strategist and Tech VA in one!"

Erin Branscom

Krystal Clark

"Within 24 hours of implementing her recommendations, my monthly views increased organically in no time."


"Karrie knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to Pinterest! She helps you strategize and infuse your business into Pinterest in simple ways that give you amazing results!"

Krystal Clark


Karrie really understands the Pinterest platform, pin design, and is very strategic. She was very professional and I loved her use of Loom and Trello to keep me updated and responded to my questions in a timely manner.

Katelyn Stanis

Wedding Vow Writer, WeddingWords.us
ali from Orchard hill testimonial

"Ali saw a large increase in Pinterest traffic and an increased email list!"


"My expectations were exceeded! Karrie has great business advice. You can trust her to start and finish a project."

Alllison Ierna

Blogger, OrchardHillFarmandHome.com
details simply done

"My Pinterest account was a mess! I had neither the time nor the knowledge to update it. Karrie cleaned up my account, gave me some tips, and answered my questions promptly. She exceeded my expectations and I would definitely enjoy working with her again."

Cindy Lee

Owner, DetailsSimplyDone.com

Can you imagine?

NO more social media scroll.

NO more figuring out the perfect intro your FB pic or intro on Instagram.

NO more time commenting, DM'ing, or messaging leads.

NO more creating graphics to post.

NO more trying to sell, sell, sell your course or ebook.


PLAY with your kids and not worrying you're missing a message.

HANG OUT with your husband AFTER the kids go to bed.

READ a book.


Sounds AMAZING, doesn't it?

Pinterest does all that. I do it for myself and...

I can do it for you!


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