Affiliate Programs

If you would like to be an affiliate for my programs, please see below for the programs and sign up.

  • Affiliate terms are 40%commission
  • 90 day cookie
  • Payout in 30 days via Paypal

If you have any questions, please email support@karriemarie.com

Available Programs Accepting Affiliates

Pinning Foundations
Pinterest COURSE

Get started with Pinterest for $37!

Learn more HERE.

There is also an additional way to earn with a $17 tripwire.

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

The Pin Affiliate Masterclass for $37 teaches you how to use Pinterest for affiliate marketing.

Learn more HERE.

Panic-Free Launch Analytics Planner

Learn how to track your launch analytics and perform a launch debrief which is the most overlooked part of the launch!

Learn more HERE.

Build Your Biz HQ WORKSHOP

Learn how to build and organize your Business Headquarters where all your important links are at your fingertips!

Learn more HERE.