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Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Strategy

By Karrie

  **This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.** As a business owner, you may be disgruntled about Facebook’s declining reach, but where Facebook is losing ground, Pinterest is gaining. Pinterest’s 1.5% percentage-point increase in the share of visits year-on-year (YoY) more than doubled the other growing social networks combined. Pinterest gets about 2 billion searches monthly, roughly 85% are now from mobile. More than ½ the active users (and 75% of new signups) are coming from outside the U.S. Did you…

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How I Turn Chaos Into Organization, project management, virtual assistant

How I Turn Chaos Into Organization

By Karrie

When working with a Virtual Assistant, it is important to be organized, otherwise, you will waste your valuable money and time, which is the exact reason why you hired a VA! Learning how to organize your business before bringing on an extra pair of hands is one way to prepare for a VA. However, if you’re at a stage where you feel you need someone to get you organized for you, VAs can do that too. Let me explain my onboarding process with my clients and even if they are not organized, they will get organized by the time I…

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How I Help My Clients Dominate Pinterest Marketing

How I Help My Clients Dominate Pinterest

By Karrie

With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is the place to be in social media.  More importantly for business owners, it is the place to be for businesses.  From Buzzfeed to Build-a-Bear companies are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon, and with good reason.  A whopping 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase because of something they saw on Pinterest. (That’s over 152 million monthly!) Dominating Social Media for Sales Besides being a top social media platform, Pinterest ranks by far the top social media platform for sales.  According to a study by Kleiner Perkins, Pinterest received 55% of the…

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How to Work from Home, Homeschool and NOT Go Crazy as a Work at Home Mom

How to Work from Home, Homeschool and NOT Go Crazy

By Karrie

When you homeschool, you have to juggle a lot of things. As a parent, you’re already wearing a lot of hats and when you add to it the task of being a teacher as well, you’re going to be very busy. Now, what if you have to work, too? Working from home with children can be a tough task if you don’t have a schedule and a plan for when and how you will work while also caring for the children. Now, add in the task of homeschooling and you can really have your hands full. If you are like…

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