Tailwind VS Board Booster: Which One is Right for You? Updated July 2018

By Karrie | 6 Comments

Updated 7/4/2018 In my business as a Pinterest Strategist, I exclusively use Tailwind to schedule my client’s pins to Pinterest.  Since you may have heard BoardBooster was shut down and has gone out of business since it was not a Pinterest approved partner, you have only a few options left besides Tailwind as a small business owner. You may have heard of Buffer and Hootsuite since they are also commonly used social media schedulers. The Schedule Manually pinning everything you want to pin is incredibly time-consuming.  You could waste 2 to 3 hours a day just pinning things to your boards. …


What is Imposter Syndrome and How to Get Over It

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The book Presence – Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, by Amy Cuddy, comes after her wildly successful 2012 TED Talk. Watching the video first prompted me to read her book. Cuddy spends a lot of time discussing what she calls “imposter syndrome.” This is where one feels like they don’t belong because they are not qualified, and are scared others will find out. Imposter syndrome was what initially prompted her to write this book and do her research. What was interesting was her finding that men and women both have these fears. It is not isolated to…


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