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8 Tips for Success When Working with a Virtual Assistant

8 Tips for Success When Working With a Virtual Assistant

By Karrie

So you have decided to hire a Virtual Assistant to join your team, congratulations!! I am sure you are looking forward to shifting some of the work to your new assistant and reducing your to-do list.  Feels good, doesn’t it?? I have been a VA for over 2 years and luckily have had some fantastic clients to work with. However, there are some clients who are less than ideal to work with.  I have heard terrible stories over the years. It’s not that the clients are bad or virtual assistants are bad. It is usually a case of mismatched expectations…

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What Can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

What Can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

By Karrie

In this new age of digital marketing, a lot of skills are heaped under the term “Virtual Assistant.” As a virtual assistant who spends a lot of time networking in Facebook groups, I see a lot of business owners looking for help in a variety of areas. “Virtual Assistant” is a recent term that gets used quite a bit. I hope I can clarify what you can outsource to a virtual assistant to make your job easier to find a perfect team member for your business.   In one Facebook post, a business owner is looking for a VA but really…

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How to Boost Your Business by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

How to Boost your Business by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

By Karrie

If you spent any time in the online business world, you may have heard the term Virtual Assistant, or VA for short, being tossed around.  You are overwhelmed and overworked and thinking this assistant thing might just help.  Let me explain how you can boost your business by hiring a VA! Why Hire a VA? Having a Virtual Assistant allows you to be more focused and productive. You will have MORE TIME to focus on your big-picture business goals and DO the things you love. A Virtual Assistant can help you to scale your business, reaching more people than you ever…

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How to Quickly Document Your Processes & Manage Expectations as someone hiring a Virtual Assistant

How to Quickly Document Your Processes & Manage Expectations

By Karrie

When you hire a virtual assistant, especially your first, do you have an instruction manual to give them? Probably not. Why is a franchise successful and consistent from Chicago to Moscow? Everything is documented and done the same exact way. If you want a VA who will follow your steps, you need to get the information out of your head and documented. But I do warn you to be flexible because one thing that virtual assistants bring with them is a variety of experience.  They may make suggestions to streamline or change the way you are doing something. Be open to…

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