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FG Society Certified Master Marketer Program by Funnel Gorgeous – My Review

By Karrie

**This post contains affiliate links about digital marketing strategy which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Thank you!**   I love being an online entrepreneur! Being a homeschooling family, the flexible lifestyle works for us and was the original reason I was looking to work online around my kids’ homeschooling schedule. Of course, not everything is perfect. Maybe you have been burned by investing time and money to work with someone or purchases a course only to find they aren’t really able to deliver the promises…

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How to Use Pinterest Ads to Get More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

By Karrie

  As an online business owner, it is a continuous struggle to create visibility on social media. You need to STAND OUT. And while I am a one-woman show, (and a fabulous Marketing Assistant, Jill of All Trades) I am a fan of being on fewer platforms, but doing them well. Unless you have a big team and a big budget, it’s hard to keep up with the big gurus. I am a homeschooling mom who uses and loves Pinterest for my personal and business use. If you are new to me, I’m Karrie, a Pinterest Strategist! I urge you…

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Time Saving Tips for Using Pinterest

By Karrie

On social media and my email, I asked the question, if you weren’t using Pinterest, what’s holding you back? And the answers were incredible. I appreciate all those who commented. The overwhelming majority said, “TIME” was your major obstacle, and more than one answered a roadmap or blueprint. (read on for that! 😉 ) But in the meantime, I’m sharing my top 4 tips for using Pinterest that will save you time AND skyrocket your marketing efforts!   4 Tips for Using Pinterest to Save You Time:   1. USE TEMPLATES! – Canva templates specifically but if you prefer another…

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