It’s April and everyone has Spring cleaning on the mind! Or if you use Pinterest Marketing for your business, you need to continuously evaluate your Pinterest and Tailwind Accounts to see if the Pinterest marketing strategies you are using are effective. I like to do this quarterly in my online business so I just did this at the end of March.  I thought I would share with you my checklist and walk you through how to clean up your Pinterest and Tailwind as well as plan your content for the next quarter in 12 easy steps.



Why is it important to review and clean up your Pinterest & Tailwind accounts?


Your Niche Changes

If your niche changes or the direction of your business, your ideal audience may have changed. As business owners, you think you’re going in one direction and all of a sudden, you pivot, and then you’re not focusing on the same customers or clients. An example would be if you changed from health and fitness to DIY or stay at home moms.  If your target audience changes, then you need to review your board strategy.

Your Branding Changes

Just this past February my branding changed which included my brand colors. I also changed from Karrie Marie to Karrie Marie Consulting. Therefore, I needed to update pins with my new colors and fonts. My business name changed so I changed it in the profile and I focused my keywords to a specific target audience.

Pinterest Strategy Changes

Just like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest has algorithm changes and then the people at Pinterest will make different recommendations. Then you need to go back and take another look at your Pinterest strategy so that it is as effective as can be.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How to Keep Track of Your Statistics

Airtable holds all of my Pinterest statistics. I keep monthly stats to make sure my account is still growing and look at group boards and the tribe’s effectiveness so I can review it quarter over quarter to adjust appropriately.

Google Analytics

Check your Google analytics to see what pins are performing well. I go into my Google Analytics at least once a month, which I recommend that you do too. But if analytics isn’t your thing, definitely do it quarterly. Google Analytics can tell you a couple of things: which social media your traffic is coming from and what percentage of traffic. For me, my website traffic comes from Pinterest. It ranges from 75% to 85% Pinterest and the rest is primarily Facebook. Instagram is barely a blip so I barely spend time on IG. From a productivity standpoint, focus on the platforms that are doing well so it continues. I don’t have a team of social media managers so what precious time I do have, I want to take advantage of and not waste time on things that don’t bring a return.

Google Analytics will show which pins are performing well. If you have seasonal content, you can see if the particular seasonal content you created is doing well. Or if you have three to five different content categories that you create content for, you can look and see which are performing well. Therefore, if a category is doing well for you, it resonates with your audience and you may want to continue writing on that category and try to continue getting traffic because in that category. Or on the flipside, if a category is doing well, maybe create just a few more pins for the good performing posts which will allow traffic to continue and will free up time for you to focus and create content for other underdeveloped categories.

Quarterly Content Planning

To help you plan your content for the next quarter, I suggest downloading the 100 Pinterest Trends for 2019 or the Guide to Seasonal Moments by Pinterest.  Both are excellent guides that direct you to the best practices for Pinterest and to think seasonally. I have also written a blog post on How to Create Your Content Calendar Using Pinterest. Pinterest is a seasonal platform and can affect your account, but it’s normal and if you know to expect it. You can either understand it and not stress out or plan your content to combat the seasonality by creating content around the trends and seasons.

If you don’t normally have seasonal content, be creative to see if you can put a seasonal twist on your content. Like I am doing right now! Although done quarterly, I started this blog post talking about “Spring Cleaning.” 😉 You’re going to do it in June, September and again in December. If you can somehow put a twist on your content, you could capitalize on the seasonality of Pinterest.


Battle the Summer Lull

During the Spring and Summer, in the US, you may see a lull in traffic. The weather is changing and most people are heading outdoors! But, a huge number of pins are saved because pinners plan early, starting from February!

Check to see what will be trending in the summer. Barbecues, moms looking for activities for their kids or productivity tips because they’ve got to get their work done fast because the kids are home, right? Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July are all holidays that are coming up. Plenty of advance notice to get your content written and planned out!

Pinterest takes a lot of guesswork out of your content planning for the next quarter so no need to struggle! Just brainstorm within that framework so your content is always in front of your audience at the right time.


For my thorough walkthrough, watch the video below. You’ll see where I am looking specifically in my accounts when I do my review. You will also get a peek at my statistics in Airtable!

Sign up to clean up! 😉 And get your own copy of my checklist. You’ll also get a link to my Airtable base template where I hold my statistics. Bonus!



Clean up your Pinterest and Tailwind accounts and add it to your to-do list at your next quarterly review!


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