Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Unboxing

As someone who has taken the challenge twice, I wanted to give you my personal review of the One Funnel Away Challenge hosted by Clickfunnels.  I wanted to answer the frequently asked questions that people ask about the challenge. Then you can make an informed decision whether or not the One Funnel Away Challenge is right for you. (It’s amazing and I am sure almost any business owner will benefit!)


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is software that helps you build sales funnels that help businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online. Instead of building funnels with multiple platforms and programs, Clickfunnels can help you streamline it all into one place. It was co-created by CEO Russell Brunson who was frustrated with all the different parts and wanted an easy way for anyone to build a funnel. Clickfunnels was born. If you are interested in taking a test drive, you can sign up for their FREE 14-day trial HERE.


Is the One Funnel Away Challenge right for you? 

The challenge is a 30-day intensive training and is helpful to anyone in business who needs to attract leads and make sales online. Whether you have a business now or an idea for a business, the One Funnel Away Challenge will help with those pieces and put them together in the most optimized way to help your business get off the ground.


How much time does it take?

I have been in the Create Your Laptop Life paid membership program for the last 3 years which is where I first heard of the challenge. CYLL for short is the paid membership program ran by Julie Stoian, one of the coaches in the challenge. This question has been asked numerous times in the group including me!  I’m a busy mom, homeschooler, and run an online business. I wanted to know how much time I needed to dedicate and how I was going to fit this into my schedule? Monday through Friday, you need to watch the videos. There are videos daily, which you need to dedicate 1 to 1-1/2 hours a day to watch.

And as a stay at home mom, this is what my schedule looked like: watched the videos Monday through Friday and took notes. I woke up early. Then I would try to do that task in the evening after dinner. I used Saturday and Sunday as the catch-up days. OFA is five days a week and then you have the weekends to catch up if necessary.  I dedicated time daily because if you think you’re going to do it on the weekend, you cannot watch all the videos. You will be watching seven to nine plus hours of video plus finishing the tasks. If you are like me, your weekends are not any less busy than during the week!


Who are your coaches?

There are two or three videos daily. The first video is where Russell Brunson, owner of Clickfunnels, introduces the challenge of the day. He is the trainer and will lay out the foundational strategy each day for the task of the day.  He’ll draw on a whiteboard to illustrate a point and what the task is.

The next coach is Stephen Larsen, the drill sergeant/ mindset coach. He doesn’t take any excuses and is the accountability piece of the threesome.  He goes live in the Facebook group and is so energetic. You will either love him or hate him by the end of the challenge, but he is absolutely brilliant.

The third coach is Julie Stoian, who is actually building the pieces. She takes the strategies and turns them into a funnel ready to launch. Julie demonstrates and does walkthroughs on how to do the day’s tasks.


What if I don’t have a product or service?

Resources are shared to help you pick a niche. You will learn how to find something that is of interest to you and then find a product that you can create. It’s easier to hit the ground running if you have an idea for a product, a course, or a service that you offer or want to offer but it’s not 100% required. You can promote Clickfunnels’ programs and you will get access to an affiliate boot camp that comes free when you sign up for the challenge. There are a lot of network marketers or multilevel marketers in the challenge, so it’s not necessary to have your own product or course.


How much does it cost?

The one funnel away costs $100 + $20 for shipping. You can purchase a digital version which is really good if you’re not in the USA. Some complained about the high cost of duty tax. If that is a concern for you, know ahead of time that you can purchase the digital version. You will still get the same information but it is all available online.


What’s inside the box?

-The hardcover 30 Days.com book. This is a book that Russell created when he posed the question to his top entrepreneurs using Clickfunnels. “If you suddenly lost everything and the only thing you had was an internet connection, a Clickfunnels account, and you’re marketing smarts, how would you rebuild your business?” There are very detailed action plans from 30 very successful entrepreneurs. You also get the book in pdf and the recorded interviews.

-An MP3 player which holds all the days recorded lessons

-A workbook but it’s not necessary to have a hard copy because they give you the PDFs daily

-A VIP Facebook group which is an excellent place to ask for feedback and the lessons are posted every day in the Facebook group. Stephen Larsen goes live in the group with his lesson almost every day.

-30 days of coaching from Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen, and Jim Edwards pops in too! They charge a gazillion dollars an hour so easily worth the $100!

one funnel away clickfunnels challenge

Do I need a Clickfunnels account?

Even if you are not going to use Clickfunnels software, it definitely makes things easier when you are creating a funnel because they do give you templates. The marketing, how to create offers and build a following is all taught platform-independent. The marketing techniques can be replicated in other software platforms.


What happens to the content after 30 days?

The popup Facebook group is archived but you have access to the membership area, which has the recorded videos on it.


Can you build a funnel in 30 days?

Yes! Clickfunnels provides 4 different share funnels that you can customize. I also provide additional funnel templates as part of my bonuses below so you have plenty of funnel templates to choose from. There is a pre-week and then there are two weeks of videos and tasks and getting your assets together. Week three is when you actually start building the funnel and you’ll get a two-week FREE trial

Do I need technical ability?

It’s plug and play. Russell said his kids could build funnels and my 14-year- old son is participating in the challenge to build his funnel.


When does the next one start?


I guarantee it is the best $100 you will have spent on ANY course you have taken.

Not to mention the $6,800 in additional bonuses I am giving to you for joining with my affiliate link. To learn more about the bonuses or to sign up, CLICK HERE.

clickfunnels one funnel away funnel challenge


If video is more your thing, you can watch my review by clicking on the image below.


If you’re not ready for the challenge yet but interested in learning how to build multiple income streams, join my Facebook group for women entrepreneurs!

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