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You may have been using Pinterest to market your business, but what about using Pinterest to plan your content calendar? Pinterest can help you create and manage your content calendar by helping you organize your blog content, plan your posts and promotions, and grow your website traffic and audience with content marketing. Here are some ideas to help you come up with the top blog topics that will go well with your Pinterest and content marketing strategy. 

Ways to Use Pinterest to Content Plan

Search for top keywords on Pinterest

Like any other search engine, Pinterest is a gold mine for keywords. Similar to Google, you can start putting terms in the search bar and Pinterest will give you suggestions. Search for a keyword in the top search bar, and Pinterest will give you a bunch of related words right below the search bar and additional searches in the colored tiles.

Browse Pinterest to find trending topics

Pinterest is great for finding trending search terms, but you can also use it to find top posts. Search for keywords that are relevant to your niche, and take a look at the top pins in the results. Click on some of them, noting how many times they were repinned. Use the top pins to create your own blog content, focusing on similar titles and targeted keywords. (Without copying anyone else’s content, of course!)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can tell you so much about your audience; where they live, how they’re getting to your site, how much time they’re spending with your posts. Because of the detailed data, you can use your analytics to see which of your posts are driving the most traffic from Pinterest and create similar content.

In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition>Social>Network Referrals> Pinterest and it will show the top shared URLs from the social site. Take a look at the last 30-60 days to see which of your pins is directing readers to your blog and expand on those topics. Alternatively, you can also use Google Analytics to see which of your pins is not actively driving traffic, and go back to edit them for more targeted keywords or update the pin images.

Other Resources For Planning Your Content Calendar

Google Trends

Google Trends is a website that provides analytics and insights about the terms people are searching for on Google. And this can be invaluable when you’re looking for top blog topics. Do a search for the last 30-60 days to find popular posts that relate to your niche and write your own posts using the topic terms that are currently being searched for.

Another great thing about Google Trends is that it can offer historical data as well. For example, you can go back to any holiday or season from last year and find the top terms that were searched for in that time period. With the holidays quickly approaching for 2019, you can easily take advantage of trending search terms when creating your content calendar.


Sites like Medium exist for people to share their ideas. Luckily, these sites also show you how many people like the posts that are shared. Look for questions and posts in your niche, and take a look at the amount of “claps” the posts have. The more claps, the more people liked the post, giving you some insight into which topics are the most interesting.


Quora is similar to Medium in that it’s community-driven. While Medium allows people to share their stories and posts, Quora is a place where people can ask questions and have their peers answer it. How can this help you find blog post topics? Spend some time searching through relevant questions to see what people really want to know.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a unique keyword research tool. Put in a keyword, and the software gives you back potential questions, comparisons, prepositions, and alphabetical. Basically, it’s a treasure trove of potential top blog topics! I use the free version and you can download everything into a .CSV file to help you keep track of all your ideas.

Bonus Tip

Trello is great for keeping things organized, and using it to keep your content plan together is no exception. There are multiple ways to use Trello to organize your blog topics. You can create a board just for content ideas, keep track of drafts, published posts and more. OR if you prefer spreadsheets, I love Airtable which already has a content calendar template for you to start using right away and will organize your keywords, blog topics, and keep track of where you are in the process.

Focus on keywords that are already being searched upon when you’re creating your content calendar. Use these tips and tools to easily find blog post ideas that will help boost your business and your Pinterest marketing strategy.


Planning your content doesn’t need to spin you into overwhelm. If you need support in designing a workflow for your content creation and repurposing system and process, my VIP days and retainer services can help! Once you have the SOPs, templates, tools, and tech in place you’ll never have to ask yourself what you’re be sharing with your audience again. You can check out my services and schedule a call with me here. 

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

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