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FG Society Certified Master Marketer Program by Funnel Gorgeous – My Review

I love being an online entrepreneur! Being a homeschooling family, the flexible lifestyle works for us and was the original reason I was looking to work online around my kids’ homeschooling schedule. Of course, not everything is perfect. Maybe you have been burned by investing time and money to work with someone or purchases a course only to find they aren’t really able to deliver the promises they made.  Unfortunately, it can be challenging to tell who or what is a great asset to your business. I know this has happened to me and I have been lucky enough early in my online career to find a mentor that I know, love, and trust four years later.  And when she offered a certification program in digital marketing strategy, I knew I was in!

Enter: The FG Society Certified Master Marketer Program.



What is FG Society vs. Funnel Gorgeous?

Funnel Gorgeous is the brand founded by Julie Stoian and Cathy Olson; more about their background and experience in the next section.

FG Society is the certification program they developed to teach quality marketing skills.  Their three-pronged approach consists of teaching good funnel strategy, copywriting, and funnel design skills. The FG Society exists because Julie and Cathy wanted a way to ensure people could learn the skills needed to become excellent marketers with integrity.

Who are Julie Stoian & Cathy Olson?

Julie’s skill set lies in digital marketing. She is the mentor I found over four years ago with a $17 program (no longer available) called “Find a Client in 30 Days.” This is how I got my start online as a Virtual Assistant and then when on to purchase her program, Create Your Laptop Life (CYLL), which has since been updated and now called The Digital Guidebook.  While she has been an entrepreneur for some time working on web design and funnels, in 2014 she solidified her passion for internet marketing and grew it into a multi-million-dollar business within three years. Her credentials include working with entrepreneurs such as Russell Brunson as the VP of Marketing at Clickfunnels, coaching and mentoring students from $100k to 7-figures in her exclusive mastermind group, Digital Insiders, Funnel Gorgeous and so much more.



Cathy’s mastery is in graphic arts and design and she has worked in the field for over 20 years. Cathy’s the one with the rainbow hair. She teaches high-end branding, graphics, and web design at Love Inspired and the creator of the design course, The Inspired Pro. All of her work infuses the idea of strategic conversion because while a brand’s visual aesthetic is important if it’s not booking more clients and selling more products, it’s not doing its job.

Together, Julie and Cathy combine their experience and expertise to teach and equip other entrepreneurs to excel in digital marketing strategy through strategic conversion and high-end design.


What it Means to be a ‘Triple Threat’ in Digitial Marketing Strategy

If you are wondering how Julie and Cathy teach digital marketing strategy within Funnel Gorgeous Society, they use a three-pronged approach to develop what they call, “triple threat marketers.” In all their years of experience, they found these areas most necessary in funnel conversion:

  • The Offer
  • The Copy
  • The Design

Together these elements combine to make your service or product irresistible, perfectly positioned in front of your audience, and offered in a way that your people trust what you are selling. This is the perfect funnel, and it’s been tested again and again with results that outperform industry standards. The conversion rates of funnels built by Funnel Gorgeous Society Certified Master Marketers, or Triple Threat Marketers, beat benchmarks 100% of the time.


Who Would Benefit from FG Society and Learning Digitial Marketing Strategy?

I think a better question is who wouldn’t benefit from Funnel Gorgeous Society because if you are selling anything online from services, digital products, group programs, 1:1 coaching, masterminds, or e-commerce merchandise, then you need to know how to combine the strategy, copywriting, and conversion-driven design to maximize your profits.

FG Society certification can be beneficial for coaches and service providers such as funnel designers, funnel strategists, copywriters, designers, digital marketers, marketing consultants, marketing coaches, marketing agencies, virtual assistants looking to uplevel their skills, Facebook Ad agencies that want to increase their knowledge of funnel strategies, and business owners who strive to build an internal funnel team.

How would this help me and my business as an online marketer?

I believe knowledge is power, and I know I wouldn’t be where I am in life or in business if I didn’t constantly educate myself about my industry. After all, my goal is to provide my clients and my audience with as much value as I can.

FG Society provides their certified marketers with money-making skills in effective digital marketing strategy, confidence (because no one has time for imposter syndrome), a #jobopp board and access to direct requests for work, instant access to Proposal Secrets developed by Julie and Cathy, and a feature on their website directory, HireAMarketer.com. Many students enrolled in the Certified Master Marketer Program begin working before they complete the certification.

Do I need certification in digital marketing strategy?

You know as an online entrepreneur you can bootstrap your way to success. I’ve been helping to educate other entrepreneurs to build funnels with various tools. And sure, you can just take the courses and not be certified as an FG Society Master Marketer.

I think the perks of certification are worth the cost:

  • 50% affiliate commission on courses and templates
  • wholesale templates
  • a listing on their website directory and access to job requests through HireAMarketer.com
  • a dedicated Facebook group with a network of amazingly-talented and helpful entrepreneurs with a wide variety of backgrounds
  • discounts on other courses like Launch Gorgeous, Offer Cure, Webinar Gorgeous, etc.
  • and most importantly, access to two of the greatest minds in marketing weekly on coaching calls
  • You can ask anything; from helping with advice about clients to questions on the certification material. PLUS Julie and Cathy always over-deliver so you get lots of extras being a part of the community like sneak peeks behind the scenes and first access to new products!

While many of these are self-explanatory, I think my favorite has been the community.  I was lucky to be able to spend time with other like-minded entrepreneurs. A group of diverse individuals who believe in industry integrity, ongoing education, and support enabled me to uplevel my business this past year. Plus I know I have a go-to network of people who might have skill sets beyond my own. I might be certified in copywriting through the program, but it’s not something I truly enjoy, and would rather partner with someone from the community who does love it and will do their best for my clients. The community lets me access those stronger in that area for feedback, support, and outsourcing if needed.

What does it cover and how does it work?

To be a triple-threat in digital marketing strategy, the FG Society Certification is broken into three phases. Phase 1 is Offer Creation and Strategy. Learn about various business models, your unique selling proposition, offering value, pricing strategy, and funnel strategy and analysis. Phase 2 is Funnel Copy all around perfecting your writing skills for sales and conversion. This is where you will learn how to write sales copy, guarantees, headlines, closes, naming, and more. And secrets the insiders know like storytelling, persuasion, and preframes.  Phase 3 is Funnel Design empowers you to optimize your offer design. Learn how colors, space, and emphasis can affect your offer, as well as how to do mockups and more.

In each phase, you receive bite-sized curriculum videos, workbooks, exam prep,  milestone calls once a month with advice and insights, plus Q&A’s within the Facebook Group. After you complete each step, there is an exam before moving into the next phase of the program. The exams are on the content as well as a practical way to test your strategy, copywriting, and design skills along the way.

What is the cost and are there any additional costs besides the course?

The current cost is $3,000 and it is pay as you go. You start with $1,000 for Phase 1.  Once you pass the exam, you move on to Phase 2 and pay another $1,000, and then for Phase 3, another $1,000. This is all explained in the webinar which I suggest you watch to get all the details directly from Julie & Cathy.

There are some pre-requisites like Julie and Cathy’s other programs. This ensures comprehensive learning in all areas of digital marketing strategy.  Offer Cure and Funnel Rx are required prior to Phase 1. Ad Gorgeous and Webinar Gorgeous are required to be completed during Phase 2. There are no additional prerequisites necessary for Phase 3. Think of them as your college textbooks.

You must finish all three phases within 1 year of starting to be certified. (Again, certification is not 100% necessary). It can easily be finished in one month or up to a year. This allows you to go at your own pace and of course, leaves room for life’s happenings. I love that there are study groups and people at all levels of finishing so you can always find a study buddy to keep yourself accountable. 🙂


The real scoop on Funnel Gorgeous Society for Digital Marketing Strategy –


I spent half of 2020 within the FG Society Certified Master Marketer Program. I want to praise the amazing content and community from the rooftops! Julie’s teaching skills are top-notch! She can break down concepts into easy-to-understand bites with fun examples. (Julie and Cathy are Disney freaks and build a Disney course as an example, which of course makes you want to run off to Disney!)

Yes, the program is an investment but I think it is an amazing value for the money. You could easily spend more money and not get a quarter of what you will in FG Society. It’s not necessary to be certified if you don’t want to. You can strictly take it just for the knowledge and community. Have you wasted hours elbow-deep in Google searches, downloads, programs, courses, and coaches looking for the secret sauce?

Trust me when I say, fast track your learning.  Join FG Society and tie all your knowledge up into one amazing package. It’s 1000% worth it and will only help your online business flourish no matter what niche you are in.

Knowing what I know now could have saved me a lot of time and energy. The community has been incredible; I have made so many additional friends and business connections through FG Society.


Things I would like improved:

While there are weekly coaching calls and group Q&A support, I would have liked a little bit more interaction from the FG team in the form of funnel reviews or personal feedback. Sure I have the course resources and certification.  But, sometimes the extra assurance is really valuable, especially when creating your first few funnels.  Luckily, I had the community to lean on to make sure my funnel was optimized. Plus if you get stuck in a particular area, you can ask questions in the Q&A so it’s learning how to ask the right questions.

Would I do it again? 1000%. I cannot recommend this program enough! I wish it was around when I first started my entrepreneurial journey. Then again, sometimes you find things when you are ready to receive them. I might not have appreciated the knowledge if I had been offered this digital marketing strategy program as a newbie.

How about you? Are you ready to dive in and become a triple-threat marketer? Not sure?


Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

As a Pinterest Funnel Strategist, I help women entrepreneurs build their online presence & create passive income so they can strategically grow their business without sacrificing time with their families. I am a wife, homeschooling mom to 3, and cat mom. I live in Chicago, IL. I love reading, and watching movies.

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