Creating a great Pinterest strategy is more than just signing up and throwing up some random images.  Without a strategic plan, great images, and a professional profile, you are wasting your time and money.  Learn how I help clients dominate Pinterest marketing with a strategic plan.

I help clients get their products or services in front of the people who are most likely to identify with them. If you are a health coach, putting your pins on a Pinterest board for desserts is not going to get you very far.  My job is to find the right places to put your content and help you design the best profile you can to reach your audience.

With over 250 million monthly users, Pinterest is the place to be in social media.  More importantly for business owners, it is the place to be for businesses.  From Buzzfeed to Build-a-Bear companies are jumping on the Pinterest marketing bandwagon, and with good reason.  A whopping 87% of Pinterest users have made a purchase because of something they saw on Pinterest. (That’s over 152 million monthly!)

Help my clients Dominate Pinterest marketing

Dominating Social Media for Sales

Besides being a top social media platform, Pinterest ranks by far the top social media platform for sales.  According to a study by Kleiner Perkins, Pinterest received 55% of the vote when it comes to what social media platform people are using to research purchases.  The number two choice, Facebook, came in with a paltry 13% of the vote.

These statistics are why every major brand and even the not so major brands are scrambling to grow their Pinterest reach.  That’s where I come in.

It Starts with The Profile

Your Pinterest profile is your homepage.  It is what people will see when they try and decide what you and your business is all about and if they want to follow you.  Check out Oprah’s Pinterest page.  With over 250k followers Oprah has some serious pinning power.  I hear you, it’s Oprah, she dominates everything.  How about Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup.  This page also has 250k followers. If you were to talk to Ruth about how she grew her business from a little mommy blog to a 7-figure powerhouse, the answer would be Pinterest.

If you study these two profiles, you will find some common ground, some things that the VA’s of these two incredibly successful women have leveraged to help their businesses become more successful.

The Profile Description

Pinterest doesn’t give you much space to describe you or your business, so you must make that space count.  Notice both description paragraphs are friendly and packed with keywords all about what types of things you will find on their boards.  These descriptions are an invitation to come into their world and have a look around.

The Photo

Friendly, on-brand, photos appear in both Oprah and Ruth’s profile.  They are clean images that say, “hey I am just like you, only just a little bit more interesting.”  The photos draw you in and make you want to know more about the person behind the board.

 The Boards

The Pinterest board is how you save and catalog ideas and articles.  A good VA will create boards relevant to your audience so they can’t resist checking out your stuff.  For example, if you are all about dogs, your VA will create boards relevant to that niche.  Perhaps a puppy board, a best dog food board, a grooming tips and tricks board and so on.  Each board is designed to appeal to your ideal audience. Now Pinterest also uses #HASHTAGS# which are also a must since it is an additional way to search for relevant information and to find you. So make sure your VA has popular hashtags in your board descriptions.

Group Boards

Another way to promote your business is to team up with like-minded people and share each other’s content. This is what group boards are all about.  There are different rules and requirements to joining each board, but a great VA will easily navigate through the red tape and get you onto some great group boards to boost your exposure.

The Pins

Pinterest is a visual platform.  The pins and imagery you use to promote your brand must stand out from the crowd.  Pinterest currently has over 50 BILLION pins! If your pin image doesn’t stand out, it’s not going to drive the traffic you are looking for.

Creating top-notch pins is one of my favorite things to do for my clients.  Pins that are on brand and inviting are my specialty.  You can check out my portfolio page to see some of the killer images I have created to make my clients message stand out and ensure I help clients dominate Pinterest marketing.

The Extras

There are a few extra tools I use to help my clients be successful with their Pinterest marketing.  Each of these tools has its place and can help you optimize your Pinterest marketing strategy.


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite



Tailwind is my go-to scheduling tool because they provide a smart schedule so you know the best times to pin your content. It is also the only scheduling company that works with the people at Pinterest to help you get the best exposure.

Tailwind Tribes

Similar to group boards but a bit more effective. Over the years, group boards have become a dumping ground for contributors to pin their pins. The problem is that they were not sharing other pins on the group board so this strategy is not as effective unless you have actively sharing board members.

Tailwind Tribes has a “scoreboard” of how many pins you are sharing versus how many you are adding to the board.  You can be removed from the tribe by the owner if you are not abiding by the rules. Sometimes it is a one to one ratio and other times it can be a two to one ratio meaning you need to share two pins for every one you upload. This is a great group effort because your pins are being shared and therefore gaining more exposure.

To learn more about Tailwind, you may want to read Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Strategy HERE.

Click here if you want to try Tailwind FREE for a month before you purchase.

Killing it On Pinterest

If you are struggling, it could be time for you to bring in a pro to help you get your Pinterest marketing on point.  Strategists like me have businesses build on the fact they help clients dominate Pinterest marketing by developing a strategic plan that positions you as an expert in your field increasing your income.  Often times my clients are shocked at the amount of traffic and income Pinterest can create for their business.

Perhaps you are already on Pinterest but your traffic isn’t where you want it yet? Read my Top 9 Mistakes You Could Be Making On Pinterest and see if you could be making one of those mistakes.

To get started with your Pinterest account or determining the best Pinterest marketing strategy for your business,  set up a time to talk with me HERE.


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