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6 Sales Strategies for Your Holiday Pinterest Marketing

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Welcome to the busiest time of the year on Pinterest! People start planning as early as JULY! Can you believe it? If you have been using Pinterest for at least a year, you should know that there are typical trends with Pinterest marketing. Usually, there is a lull after February (Valentine’s Day) through May (when Summer planning starts up), then a dip in June/July when moms are out with the kids, summer vacations, etc., and then picks up again for Back to School in August, generally speaking.  Only you can look into your analytics and see what that season is for your business.

Pinterest says, “People on Pinterest tend to spend 2x more than the general public, and with 67% of them using Pinterest to plan for “all things holiday,” it’s easy to see holiday shopping happens on Pinterest.” This is the best time for you to make sure your Pinterest marketing is maximized. So today I am providing these six sales strategies to maximize your holiday Pinterest marketing and make some money!


1. Start Holiday Pinterest Marketing Early

With Pinterest, the key thing is to think like a retailer. OK, maybe not as bad as our current retailers who are putting up Christmas stuff before Halloween, but you do need to start no later than October. Start by creating your promotional plan, researching content ideas, and then give yourself enough time to create new content.

Even Pinterest has said, “Starting as early as July, some 62.7 million people come to Pinterest to get ideas for the holidays. They’re looking for gifts, party ideas, and more, with around 90% of all Pinners saying Pinterest helps them decide what to purchase. And they come to Pinterest because they say the ideas they find for things to buy are more tailored and relevant than other platforms, especially when they’re in a holiday pinch.”

2. Check Your Google Analytics

First, start by looking at your Google Analytics. Even if you don’t love analytics, you must look at it from time to time. It’s a wealth of knowledge and your history. 

Choose the fourth quarter of last year, October through December. You will see what your most popular blog posts were and what didn’t do so well. For your more popular blog posts, start repinning them. You can utilize the Smart Loop feature in Tailwind which recycles your content. The Smart Loop allows you to set the date that it will start pinning for you.

If you set this up last year, then your pins are going to start pinning auto-magically. You don’t even have to think about it. But if you haven’t used Tailwind or set up your Smart Loop in the last year, you’re going to need to set that up. You’re going to set up a seasonal loop. Tailwind asks when you want to start and end your pinning so that you’ll be set for years to come!

When you are creating new content or tweaking old content, as you add the pins to schedule through Tailwind, you’re going to want to do two things:

  • Add it to your Tailwind Tribes so that it gets shared by other tribemates (another good thing about Tailwind!)
  • Then add it to your seasonal Smart Loop

Be sure to look at Smart Loop if you’ve been using Tailwind for the last year. You can see which pins performed well last year. With pins that have performed well, keep them repinning. If they didn’t perform well, you will want to go back and do some research. Why did some of your pins do well compared to others? If it was one of your most popular blog posts, perhaps one pin image performed better over another. 

Check your headlines.

Do you have keywords in it? I like to use two tools.

  • The Pinterest search bar can verify you are using the correct Pinterest SEO/ keywords
  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – I love this as a tool for testing out new headlines. You do not have to use the same headline as your blog post. You just want to make sure that whatever they’re clicking on will match the content that they’re going to.

Change your fonts, images, or colors.

When I changed my branding earlier this year, one pin that never took off, suddenly started doing really well once I changed the font and the colors. When I first started my business, I wasn’t thinking of how my branding was going to affect Pinterest. I had opted to use a pretty, swirly font. Lesson learned and now I warn against the pretty fonts because 85% of people use Pinterest on their phones. If you use a serif font, check your pins on your own phone to see if it’s hard to read when it is much smaller.

Pinterest also reads the text on your pins. You want to make sure Pinterest is reading the text correctly and is attributing it to the correct search terms. 


the ultimate guide to making $ on pinterest pin comparison


 3. “Holiday-ify” / Reuse content or create specific holiday content

If you need to create content for the coming holidays, what I like to do is find some easy ways to “Holiday-ify” or repurpose existing content. Here is an example to show you how I “Holiday-ify” my gift guide. 

holiday gift guide for your favorite mom

It’s the same gift guide blog post but with a different image. The pin on the left is repinned nine months out of the year. The holiday version, on the right, gets repinned October, November, and December. Not only can you do this with gift guides, but you can do it with any of your content that would be fitting. If you have existing content, you don’t have to change the content, just create new pins. You can also play with the titles like I could say holiday gift guide


4. Create Gift Guides 

Gift guides are an easy way to create new content and I suggest you create multiple gift guides, which are excellent for creating an affiliate income. When you list the items in the gift guide, advertise your offer. In my gift guide, one of the suggested gifts is to hire a virtual assistant (ME!) and they’re able to purchase a retainer package or Pinterest package to give as a gift. 

Create holiday gift guides for your favorite DIYer, for men, for women, for teens if it applies to your business. Take some time to browse Pinterest to help you brainstorm multiple gift guide ideas for your business.

A Note on Keywords

When you’re creating content, just a reminder to use Pinterest keywords.  I remember when I first used Pinterest, I would just use the search bar.

When you start typing in a word, additional options will pop up before you hit enter. Those are additional keywords that can be used as well. To verify that the keyword is a good keyword, you want to click on it or hit enter depending on which way you’re doing it.

Make sure that the pins that show up are in fact talking about your keyword. You may want to add in specific holiday-related search words like Christmas Dinner Recipes, Christmas Tablescapes, New Year’s Goal Planning, etc.. Create holiday-specific boards if it applies to your business. It’s not applicable to mine so I don’t have holiday boards. But I do have DIY blogger clients where they have Thanksgiving Crafts, Thanksgiving Recipes Side Dishes, and Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes boards, for example. 

5. Create a SPECIAL OFFER specific to Black Friday or the Holidays 

My current holiday-themed opt-in 5 Ways to Make Money During the Holidays will help you in creating a special offer for your business perfect for this time of the year. Do you have an idea for a new product or service you might be planning for the new year? Promote it to see what kind of feedback you get.

I created this opt-in and have been running multiple pins to it plus a Promoted Pin campaign to increase visibility and grow my email list before I market my Black Friday offer. Plus, I can create email campaigns to survey them about potential new products or services I might offer in the future. 

6. Try Different Pin Types

Pinterest has multiple types of pins. You don’t want to seem spammy and keep pinning the same thing repeatedly. One option is to create multiple pins for a blog post. When you did your Google Analytics research to find your top ten best-performing blog posts for the holidays, if you only have one or two pins per post, create more. I would only create a few more because in a three-month time frame you don’t want to pin them too often or it will seem spammy.

  • Video pins

Create short intro videos to your blog post or video. I like to think of them as a movie trailer for your content. Create a headline that makes people want to click to learn more. To learn more about video pins, you can check out this blog post by Tailwind.

  • Carousel Pins

Carousel pins are multiple pins in one and then they flip like a mini slideshow. I think that would be great for products especially if you have a product with multiple images showing how to use your product. 

  • Story Pins

Although story pins have soared in popularity and get a lot of impressions from Pinterest, I caution you not to put too much time into creating story pins. Story pins are not available to everyone yet and are still being rolled out. Story pins keep your pinner on the platform. You cannot add your own link to the pin which is why I think they are a waste of time. By keeping you on Pinterest longer, Pinterest hopes you will then be targeted with a promoted pin. The impressions are nice and can build brand awareness but most small businesses want the traffic to their website by being able to click through to your content. If you choose to experiment with story pins, use them to do just that…tell a story. Add your URL in multiple places. I suggest creating an easy to remember URL in hopes that people will remember it. A potential customer or client would then type it into the search bar to find out more about your product.

  • Promoted Pins

The last option is promoted pins aka paid Pinterest ads. 

Below are the results of a pin campaign I am currently running for my holiday-themed opt-in 5 Ways to Make Money During the Holidays Using Pinterest. Those clicks are adding names to my email list right now. I’ve spent $20. It’s been in front of 3,283 pairs of eyes and has been clicked 47 times. The cost per lead is .43 cents and my click-through rate is 1.43, which is pretty good for a promoted pin. 

promoted pin performance details

People often ask, should I run Facebook ads or Pinterest ads? There are times when you would use each.

When Black Friday arrives, I can send a targeted email to my list. The other thing is you can retarget using Facebook ads. There is a Pinterest pixel gathering data to your website so it can create a look-alike audience. I can upload my email list to Facebook and run retargeting ads. It does take some time to get Promoted Pins optimized. You need to give yourself two to three weeks. I have two pins going right now and both took at least a week to get going.

Ad bid prices are higher during the holidays because there is more competition. I used to start at a $.20 bid and I’m currently at .57 cents with the opt-in above and the other Promoted Pin for my Pinning Foundations Pinterest Course is currently at $1.02 and still rising.

When you create a promoted pin, it needs to get approved, which happens pretty quickly. But then it doesn’t instantly start posting right away, unlike Facebook ads, and then takes a few days to provide data. It took two to three days to realize that it was not spending my budget so I had to keep raising the price. It took me a good week to figure out what was a good bid price. Once that started going, it’s been taking off and it’s been spending my daily budget. Pinterest also has a new feature that provides recommendations on how much to raise the bid to and it has been very accurate and helpful so far. 

That’s why it takes a good two to three weeks to get going. This strategy is good for growing your email list ahead of a promotion or for a holiday time promotion. I would not run a promoted pin specifically for a Black Friday deal where it was very time-limited. I would use Facebook ads in this instance and once Facebook ads are turned off, the ad (and your Black Friday deal disappears).

With Pinterest, pins can be saved or repinned. If they did that with your limited time offer and go back to click on it after Black Friday, that deal is no longer valid or if you unpublish the page, they will get an error or you need to create a message in that page that the deal is no longer valid and direct them somewhere else or offer them a freebie for their trouble and get their email address. 

Pinterest Ads and Facebook Ads both have advantages in certain situations. Promoted Pins are a good choice because they are typically lower cost and can be used to grow your email list or an evergreen product or course. Facebook ads are best for time-sensitive offers. 

If you haven’t tried Tailwind, you need to sign up for the FREE TRIAL and save yourself $15 for the year when you sign up using my affiliate link. When time is at a premium, you want to fill your Tailwind queue and let it schedule your pins while you are busy visiting friends and family, shopping, or baking cookies!

To learn more about why I love, love, LOVE Tailwind, you might find Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Strategy helpful.

If you need help with your Pinterest marketing or Promoted Pins, let me do it for you. Pick a time that’s convenient for you and let’s talk about your goals for your business using Pinterest.

**I have included affiliate links in this post. Thank you for supporting my site!

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