How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

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How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Are you curious about how to hire your first Virtual Assistant? I walk you through the steps to take to hire your very first VA. The better you communicate your needs up front, the easier it will be for potential VAs to self-select whether they fit your requirements. Clear communication on your end throughout the process will help ensure you find the virtual assistant that best meets your business’ needs.

How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant

Post a very specific list of tasks to be performed.

Are you looking for general admin work, someone to manage your social media, someone to create a sales funnel or a writer for email sequences and blog posts? Being specific will help prevent you from wasting time and money on a virtual assistant who does not meet your needs.

Also, include how many hours you would like them to work, any other skills your VA needs to have, and when you expect them to be online or what time zone or country you would like them to be in. Hiring someone from your own country or region is typically best for ease of communication and for payment purposes.

If you expect your VA to be proficient in a specific program, specify which program you use. Common programs that VAs are familiar with include MailChimp or ConvertKit for email lists, Clickfunnels for sales funnels, and Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter as social media platforms.

Ask for a portfolio of work and testimonials.

View the Virtual Assistant’s website to get an idea of who they are and how they work.

Set up a discovery call.

You can get to know your potential VA and see if your personalities match, and whether you would work well together. The potential virtual assistant/s may have their own client discovery call process, in which case you would sign up on their calendar for the call.

Have a list of questions.

Discuss specifics regarding tasks to be performed and skills your potential VA has, how many hours you will need, and review their hourly or project rates. Also, discuss how you expect your VA to communicate, and how he/she works and communicates (email, Facebook Messenger, Asana, Trello, Skype, etc.).

Discuss specifics.

What time frame you will receive and return emails or calls, how much time will be needed for specific tasks, how many posts will be posted in social media, etc. What are office hours/work times to be in contact, and payment details.

Ask for a proposal.

Ask for a proposal from each potential Virtual Assistant so you can compare rates.

After the discovery calls and reading the proposals, pick which VA you feel you have the best fit with and best meets your needs. If you need more than one VA, identify your most pressing need and hire one virtual assistant at a time.

Depending on if your VA has a contract, you’ll need to read through it carefully. If they do not, you should create one. Contracts should include all of the specifics and should be signed by you and the VA. If your virtual assistant has a contract and you would like to add a provision, let them know! The contract is for both of you, so you need to be comfortable with what you are signing.

Pay their invoice and get started.

Most Virtual Assistants charge upfront. Ask what their refund policies are in case you are unhappy with their work.

Always start delegating with smaller, easier responsibilities and tasks. This can help ease into the working relationship and get your workflow/communication style in place. Give them one or two tasks at a time; your VA will not be able to do everything at once! This can lead to some confusion as to what is a priority and how you communicate to get tasks completed. Start small and then add more responsibility after you see how they perform. Once things seem to be moving along smoothly, then hire more VAs for your team as needed. It will save you stress in the long run.

Clear communication is key.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to hire your first Virtual Assistant. While there are multiple steps to the process, each one is important and needs to be taken seriously. Skipping one step (i.e. failing to post a specific list of tasks in the job description or offer) will result in extra work on your end and potential crossed wires when it comes to initial communication with interested VAs. While hopefully your potential VAs will ask clear and insightful questions, don’t bank on it. Brainstorm your own question list and ensure each point gets covered, and follow each step in this process to ensure a successful hire of your first virtual assistant!

Ready to find your First Virtual Assistant?

Take a look at 8 Tips for Success When Working With a Virtual Assistant. This gives more details on how to BEST work with your new VA. In conjunction with that, having your business processes documented upfront will greatly assist in bringing your new VA up to speed quickly with how you work. Please check out How to Quickly Document Your Processes & Manage Expectations.

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