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Inviting you to my little corner of the internet as I share my thoughts on all things business and digital marketing that I have learned over the last 7 years of being in the online space!

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    BUT it can also be confusing, and sometimes you just want to know how to make your business grow better – without forking over a $500 hourly coaching fee or asking on Facebook only to get thousands of unsolicited DMs offering services in your inbox. 

    What if you could get honest information about all things productivity, organization, launch trends, mindset, entrepreneurship, new tools to help you grow more efficiently, and solid advice learned through years of experience in supporting other business owners in growing their businesses and running my own?

    What if it was free?

    Karrie’s Korner is a private podcast feed created just for business owners like you who are looking to grow and scale with ease. Because it’s in an easy-to-consume audio format, it’s you can listen on the go. 

    How awesome is that?! 


    Real talk about business, life, and everything that happens in between! While it’s true I’ve niched into project management for launches, I still share all the things from what I’m reading, hot takes on new software, productivity and organization, and what it takes to grow a successful business – and humans – at the same time! 

    Listening on the go – with a private podcast you don’t have to worry about sifting through PDFs, Zoom meetings, or other clumsy platforms to get what you want. Everything comes straight to your AirPods! 

    Convenient, automatic updates directly to your favorite podcast player whenever new episodes of Karrie’s Korner drop, so you’ll be able to listen when it’s convenient for you.

    Hi, I’m Karrie…

    As a homeschool mom starting an online business with little extra $ to pay experts to help me launch my Virtual Assistant business 7 years ago, I did what any scrappy entrepreneur would do . . . LEARNED ALL the things!

    I started as a Virtual Assistant, then a Social Media Manager,  and went on to niche to become a Pinterest Strategist for many years. I learned a gazillion different programs in the process and also love tech!  Currently, my official title is Online Business Manager & Launch Manager but to be honest, I work with who I want and do all the things!

    I am multi-passionate and am building multiple businesses with my family! (I also build WordPress websites with my daughter.)

    One of my top Clifton Strengths is Learner so as an avid shiny object chaser, I have learned and tried a lot of software and marketing strategies along the way.

    I am sharing it all! If you want me to talk about something specific, send me a DM!

      By signing up, you are subscribing to my email newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time!