Does Looking at Numbers Make Your Head Hurt?
Do You Even Know What You Should Be Looking At?
What Do Your Launch Numbers Even Mean?

Gathering the numbers to do a launch debrief is essential to see
where you can improve your launch the next time!

During your launch debrief, you’ll want to review how you did and how to make more sales for your next launch.

You’ll want to ask yourself…

  • Do you need to grow your email list more?
  • Did your sales page convert high enough?
  • Did your webinar/challenge registration page convert?
  • Did the actual webinar/challenge convert to new buyers?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

Launching is all about the numbers and numbers tell the story.

Most entrepreneurs don’t look at or don’t know how to read the numbers and make the mistake of
thinking their launch was a big fail and either give up completely or try something brand new

You could have hit industry standards for conversions and you did better than you thought!

You just need a few adjustments and you’ll do even better next time.

Launch and test. Launch and test.

Your Panic-Free Launch Analytics Tracker Includes:

  • Launch Planner – Your plug-and-play launch plan template in Google Sheets so you have an overview of your plan at a glance
  • Video walkthrough – to personalize the planner for your launch
  • Full list – the emails and graphics so you won’t forget a thing
  • Google Drive folder structure – to keep all the launch components you’ll need in one place
  • Projected Revenue – Decide realistic goals for your launch
  • Standard Conversion Rates  – Learn where you’re doing well or need improvement
  • Sales Tracker -Track when your sales came in and from where
  • Traffic Tracker – Track social media engagement + email metrics
  • Finance Tracker – hiring contractors, running ads, and software can add up! Track all your launch expenses in one centralized spreadsheet.
  • Video walkthrough tracking your analytics and what it means
  • Launch Made Simple Audio Summit Recordings – Listen to seasons 1 & 2 on your favorite podcast platform

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