Podcasts are so overdone.

Are you looking for a fun, high-impact, low-effort way to get new leads for your business?

What if you could...

Grow Your Leads

Leverage other people's audiences when the speakers share the summit with their audience.

Create Authority

As the host and creator of your audio summit, you're creating your own stage to highlight your expertise

Build Relationships

You'll want to strategically invite whom you'll invite with a complimentary audience and topic.

Introducing Micro Audio Summit™ Production

Why this is a great opportunity for you as the host:

  • This summit will only have 5-7 speakers. You’re creating your own stage of authority. Your voice will not get lost in a sea of dozens of slide presentations.
  • You’ll be getting in front of the other speaker’s audiences to expand your brand exposure
  • You’re creating an audio summit that gives high-value to your audience with NO monetary upsell
  • This audio summit is a fun, low-effort experience that has been designed with ease in mind. You can create as many as you want…4, 5, or 6 a year.
  • You can get off the hamster wheel of creating a weekly podcast, hiring a podcast editor, a copywriter to create show notes, and a VA to manage all the pitching and speakers for you.
  • You can launch your offer at the end of the summit to your new attendees, such as a course or workshop
  • You’ll reach out to speakers to make valuable business connections and conduct the interview, while I do all the work behind the scenes

Why is this a great opportunity for your speakers:

  • Interviews will be pre-recorded on Zoom. They don’t need any fancy presentation slides. Only the audio portion of the interview will be used and it’s EASY!
  • Your speaker will get exposure to other audiences too
  • They will be able to provide a lead magnet that will be accessible to all summit listeners in exchange for promoting the event and having something of value to their audience too!
  • It’s a win-win for both the host and the speakers

Your Repeatable lead generation system

This launch is divided into two parts: the first is the Micro Audio Summit™ to add new leads to your list and then you can launch an existing offer to your new audience after the conclusion of your audio summit.

Once it’s built, you have a repeatable lead generation system that you can launch 4-6 times per year!

  • Create and manage the launch plan in your platform of choice: ClickUp, Asana, or Google Sheets
  • Speaker outreach and management for up to 7 speakers
  • Team meetings as needed
  • Build Speaker Information, Summit Registration, and Summit Information Pages
  • Social media graphics creation and scheduling for 2 platforms
  • Email tech integration, automation set up, and emails loaded into your ESP
  • Audio summit interviews edited & uploaded to Hello Audio software & to Summit Information Page
  • Goal setting and launch tracking
  • Timeframe: 8 weeks

Here’s an overview of what’s NOT included:

  • Copywriting/editing of sales page or thank you page (for your post-summit launch – assuming you’re using an existing offer/have the funnel already built)
  • Video editing


** Want to learn more about the Micro Audio Summit™ Framework? Click HERE. (affiliate)