The benefits of saving you time and money are usually the main reasons for hiring a virtual assistant, sometimes referred to as a VA. While a virtual assistant is a pretty broad term, essentially it refers to someone who works remotely with you in your business usually to assist you with different tasks in your business. Maybe the tasks are data entry, social media scheduling, appointment scheduling, customer service, graphics creation, bookkeeping, or maybe your VA is someone more specialized. If I have piqued your curiosity and you are wondering what you might have a VA do for you in your business, check out this post What Can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Regardless of what business tasks they perform, the hidden value or least discussed benefit is one that you can’t put a dollar sign to or a time limit on. As a mother to 3 kids, it’s the undervalued benefit of an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Are you missing out on THIS benefit of a Virtual Assistant? Read on to find out what benefit you could be missing by not having a virtual assistant to help build your business.

Now, most people don’t like to talk emotions and all the huggy-feely stuff, but again as a work from home Mom and a woman, these things need to be discussed. But as a business owner, it’s time for some real-talk. Being an entrepreneur is sometimes challenging and lonely. No one quite understands the ups and downs we face in our business like another business owner.

Don’t we help our children understand their own emotions and reactions? It’s part of our job as parents to teach our children how to deal with and express their emotions. The same goes for your business.

Are You Missing Out on This Benefit of a Virtual Assistant?

Do you have a support system of your own? Do you have a supportive family who understands your why? Or do you have friends that get that online “THING” that you call a business? Working from home by yourself can be very isolating and lonely sometimes.

  • A VA is someone in your corner and a built-in support system. They “GET” this online thing that you’re building.
  • A VA can be your sounding board and help you organize your thoughts. An outside view looking in and someone with experience can offer you another perspective.
  • They can help you figure out and prioritize what’s most important.
  • What should you be doing and what should they be doing? (This causes less frustration when duties are defined.)
  • Can you try something new or different that may make a difference in your business?

Also, you don’t have to lose sleep at night writing all those tasks down in your head. YOU CAN’T keep those things in your head if you want help with them. Get those tasks written into a project list on the computer so you can share them with your VA to get them DONE!

And lastly, you have the opportunity to take a day or week or two off and know that the day to day operations can be taken care of while you’re away. Wouldn’t that be a relief to know that your biz won’t fall apart because you’re not there?

Can you envision being present and in the moment with your family? You’re not thinking about what should be posted or who you should respond to.

Close your eyes, get a clear picture in your mind what it was like before you started your hectic online entrepreneurial journey.

Remember that feeling of relaxation and enjoyment.


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