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In today’s climate, businesses can interact with consumers on a 24/7 basis so you’ll want to learn how to ensure your business attracts customers 24/7. If your home-based company or new startup is going to survive, it must avoid the pitfall of shutting its doors outside of working hours. When you do, prospective leads will take their custom elsewhere and might never return.

However, you only have one pair of hands and there are only so many hours in a day. When coupled with the fact you also need to juggle the business with your life goals, careful planning is needed. Here are four simple steps so that will maximize your appeal and how to ensure your business attracts customers 24/7 and you’ll still be able to sleep!




Open All Hours: How To Ensure Your Business Attracts Customers 24/7


#1. Build An Online Store

When you have a brick-and-mortar store, it’s unlikely that you will open on a 24/7 basis. However, an online store removes those time limits while also extending the appeal to a wider geographic audience. A well-designed website supported by engaging product descriptions and photos should be on the agenda. A combination of online sales from people outside of your city and locals shopping ‘out of hours’ will maximize your revenue potential.

The benefits are even greater now that more people use online shopping on the back of the pandemic. E-commerce is here to stay! In addition to that, you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your e-commerce store when your ideal audience is online. As a busy mom, that could be late at night or in the early morning hours!


#2. Invest In 24/7 Customer Care

Consumer demands are greater than ever. When they want answers, they want them instantly. When you get your after-hours calls answered 24/7, you continue to support clients even when you’re out of work mode. Better still, knowing that the interactions are under control will allow you to focus fully on work without distractions. When added to the fact it creates a very professional vibe, the benefits are simply incredible. Losing sales due to overlooking this is a disaster.

Adding an FAQ page to your company website is another useful step. Chatbots are ideal for some companies too. I really like and use Chatra. They have a free account to test them out and it’s easy to set up. I have it on my website and my sales pages. That way I won’t miss a single inquiry. You can program Chatra to answer the most frequently asked questions so you can answers questions quite literally in your sleep. 🙂  


#3. Utilize Social Media

A large percentage of consumer interactions will take place on social media platforms. When you provide valuable content on Pinterest, for example, it allows users to discover the brand and its qualities at all times. Meanwhile, direct messaging conducted through those channels can be an ideal way to stay responsive, even when you’re not ‘at work’. If you can successfully build a community on your pages, followers will often help each other out. This can have a telling influence on building a positive vibe.

Virtually all businesses now use social media, but very few do it well. Make yours stand out, and you will see major benefits. Even when you’re not online.


#4. Use Affiliate Marketers

Thanks to a combination of content and PPC ads, you can spread the brand message at any time. Likewise, email campaigns can be automated to generate results at the most effective times. However, you can create a more powerful impact by allowing others to promote the products on your behalf. Affiliate schemes work well for many reasons. From a financial perspective, the fact that payments are performance-based counts for a lot. It removes virtually any risk.

Better still, you’ll have people selling products around the clock on your behalf. It’s like having a sales team without actually hiring one. Perfect. 

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, you might want to read my 6 Tips for Running an Affiliate Campaign That Will Make You Money.


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