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Sometimes as good as your strategy is around your keyword research and design of your pin creative, Pinterest can be SLOW in getting your content out in front of the right people at the right time. That’s just the nature of Pinterest. But let’s says your business makes most of its sales during the holiday season and you need to speed up getting your pins in front of people…Enter: Promoted Pins or also called Pinterest ads. While Pinterest remains a free platform for both users and businesses, using advertising can increase the likelihood of your offer being seen by your specific audience. My promoted pins course, the Pin Ads Accelerator, walks you through step-by-step how to do exactly that.

Why should I use promoted pins?

Promoted pins may be a smart addition to your marketing strategy. Facebook ads, which are more complicated and expensive to begin with, have been leaving many users stranded with cancelled ad accounts and no resolution in sight. Add to that the new iOS changes which allow Apple users to opt-out of tracking, you may have a difficult time reaching the clients who need your offer.

I detail nine reasons to use promoted pins in a related article. Some of the biggest factors that influence business owners to consider Pinterest ads are pretty straightforward.

Re-engage email subscribers and past website visitors

The saying goes it costs less to maintain a customer relationship than it does to create a new one. This is true, but as small business owners and solopreneurs, we know we sometimes lapse on our marketing and people can fall away from our brand.

However, using a current email list and creating a look-alike audience is a smart way to stay top of mind with people who have already come to know, like, and trust you, and who were happy with your product or service. If they engaged and purchased from you before, there is a 60-70% chance they will buy from you again. And those odds sound like a pretty amazing conversion!

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Grow your email list

This is a tried and true way to utilize Pinterest ads. My clients and I have found incredible success with this method. You can promote a blog post, have the reader click through, develop know-like-trust, and possibly request your content upgrade, subscribe to hear more from you, or purchase your services. Alternatively, you can promote your lead magnet, or opt-in freebie, and link directly to the landing page. 

I encourage all my clients and followers to build out a well-developed sales funnel. Use this opportunity to entice your reader to not only subscribe to your list, but invite them to take advantage of a one-time only, low-ticket offer (typically $9 to $97 works well here). This is an impulse buy when people are most engaged and it can start the relationship from reader to raving fan.

 My client, Esther, has increased her list by 41K leads in just 11 months using this method (did I mention she also has over $500K in revenue too?). You can read her full case study here

Increase sales from cold audiences

Have you ever heard the expression, the fortune is in the follow up? If you are selling a higher-priced course or product, be sure to have your email nurture campaign set up. With higher ticket courses, it’s essential to continue to give value to those that trusted you with their email address and then nurture them to the sale.  

Why should you invest in Promoted Pins when you can grow your Pinterest account organically?

Pinterest is a powerful marketing asset useful for building brand awareness, boosting conversions, increasing sales, and building relationships with buyers. The process can take time since Pinterest is a a long-game, and sometimes that process can take up to 6 months for a pin to gain traction. 

If you want to realize more immediate results, a promoted pin may be the way to go. Pinterest ads are placed within the feeds of your target audiences, so they aren’t dependent on search in the same way. Once you’ve properly collected data through a consideration campaign, tested your pin creative, narrowed your audience demographics, your conversion campaign can yield results within a matter of weeks, not months. 

Your marketing plan should include both organic and promoted Pinterest for optimum results. 

Why I created the Pin Ads Accelerator

Entrepreneurs were coming to me frustrated. They had either been using Facebook ads and then suddenly found they were encountering obstacles like suspended accounts or expensive ad spend.  Or, they were trying to branch out to include different platforms and felt setting up Pinterest ads was easy to DIY, but their results were lackluster compared to their expectations. 

The small business owners I was talking to were missing out on important steps like proper pin tag placement, comprehensive keyword research, thorough data collection from consideration campaigns, and using the wrong campaigns for their objectives.

Also, my organic Pinterest course, Pinning Foundations, has met with success in supporting entrepreneurs who wanted to DIY their organic Pinterest but then they saw the power of Pinterest and wanted to venture into ads. They wanted a sure-fire way to get results through a promoted pins course so the Pin Ads Accelerator was born. 

What’s included in the Pin Ads Accelerator?

Pin Ads Accelerator is designed to be as comprehensive as possible with everything  you need to create successful promoted pins from start to finish. 

It’s part course: you get a weekly short video with a particular task. 

Tasks like getting your pin tags placed and your Pinterest funnel set up correctly so your pins convert when clicked, how to curate a keyword list specifically for your business niche, creating a specific audience action plan so you’re targeting the right people for the action you want them to take, you’ll learn about the best practices in pin creatives, and get a set of pin templates to help if you’re not a graphic artist! 

We’ll talk ad strategy, ad budgets, and analytics to know how to determine your next steps in optimizing and scaling your ad for best results. And of course there will be troubleshooting tips in case your ads aren’t performing as you had hoped. 

It’s part group coaching: I am with you the whole time in this 12-week program! We have weekly group Q&A calls to get your specific questions answered. Even if you aren’t a tech or graphics wizard, I am there to help you every step of the way.

It’s part 1:1 coaching: I’ve been in business for 5 years. I know group programs and courses only get you so far. You want specific feedback for your business niche and your ad campaigns. We’ll meet bi-weekly 1:1 so you get anything you want answered personally and feedback on your ad campaigns!

PLUS a whole lot more! 

I have found that entrepreneurs that come to me from Facebook have some learning to do about how Pinterest ads work because FB Ads are not Pinterest Ads. Learn about the three mindset shifts you need to make before running Pinterest ads or I guarantee you’ll lose money. 

Sign up to watch the info session and learn more about what’s inside the Pin Ads Accelerator.

Summary of my Promoted Pins Course, Pin Ads Accelerator

  • Like organic Pinterest, Promoted pins can help your business grow your mailing list, re-engage email subscribers and prior website visitors, reach new potential buyers, and can generate conversions for affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Promoted pins have a place in your marketing strategy, but only when they are a smart use of your ad spend budget and effective in their conversions. 
  • Many entrepreneurs miss out on the benefits of promoted pins because they overlook key areas of funnel tech set up,  keyword research, pin design, audience set up, budget decisions, or other areas where strategic troubleshooting and optimization can bring in higher revenue.
  • My promoted pins program, Pin Ads Accelerator, guides business owners through the process of creating their own promoted pins campaign 

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