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What types of programs do I use?

Click on the links below to find my favorite online courses & networks, resources, and tools.
Many I use every single day to both run my own business and use for client projects. I highly
recommend them to keep you organized and your business running smoothly.


*There are affiliate links contained on this page, meaning that if you make a purchase
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Business Growth

The BEST all-around digital marketing course EVER. If you want to learn how to build and run an online business, this is the ONLY course you need. It includes so much training and strategy, it’s a gold mine!  The program is only open a couple of times a year, but if you want to join THE SINGLE BEST NETWORK and get access to Julie Stoian's Coaching calls where she will answer your questions personally and get access to some of her amazing programs for FREE, SIGN UP TO WATCH HER WEBINAR NOW!

This is a great monthly membership if you are already in business. I thought I was organized, but Haley helps you plan and reach your business goals PROFITABLY! Depending on where you are in your business (She has a quiz to help you figure that out), she gives you a road map to help streamline, systematize, and automate your business. This membership was a big game changer for me! You can click on the link about and get a tour of the Profit Planner Lounge and come join me!

I love that with Podia, you can sell digital products and courses, as well as memberships all in one place along with an integrated email marketing platform. It's pretty and so easy to use! LOVE IT!

Business Tools


I use Trello for project management & organization with my clients. I love that it is very visual and quick to learn which is why I haven’t switched my clients over to Click-Up.

I have used Acuity almost from day one of starting my business and love the ease of use. I love that you can set up different types of call with intake forms and it integrates with your email too!

I love Dubsado for my business to automate sending out client proposals and contracts, invoicing, and project management. There is also a unique client portal which is where the client can access all their information at any time. It definitely creates a WOW factor for your customers.

I use this every day for graphics creation. I love their templates and the upgraded version for $12.95 is the best money I spend on my business. I keep client’s branding colors at my fingertips and the resizing tool makes it invaluable for creating graphics across all the different platforms that use different graphics sizes.


I love this one for organizing and making lists for my own business. The daily task list
breaks my goals down into daily to-dos. It offers 3 views so you can view it board style like Trello or in a list. I love that it is free and works great with teams.

Interact has made creating quizzes for opt-ins so fun and easy. I wrote a blog post on how I use it for my business HERE.

Social Media Marketing & Scheduling Tools

Tailwind is THE ONLY scheduler I recommend and use for Pinterest. I wrote a blog post about why I choose Tailwind and why you should too! You can read it HERE. If you want to try before you buy, you can sign up here for a FREE TRIAL.

An excellent lower cost alternative to MeetEdgar which recycles your content on multiple platforms. It is very easy to use and they do have a FREE plan so you can try it before you upgrade.

Website Design, Hosting, & Email Marketing Tools

My favorite hosting service for hosting my WordPress website. I have never had any problems and their customer service is excellent.

Is your place to shop for beautiful feminine WP themes, landing pages & social media

Another easy to use email provider that I can't recommend enough. Automations are easy to build and their customer service is excellent! SIGN UP for a FREE trial.

Mailerlite uses drag and drop to easily create
landing pages, forms, and stylish email newsletters. They have a free account and it’s $10 for the next upgrade. They have a lot of features that other email providers charge a lot more for.

My Biz Bookshelf


I have always loved reading from a young age. Now with smartphones and kids (!), I listen to books using Audible while I am in the car or on the treadmill. I love to read personal development and business books, so I am sharing some of my absolute life-changing favorites.

I found this one last May and loved it! Brendon has compiled over 20 years of research from the top
performers and shares concrete tips from what they do so we can adapt them to our life.


I have been a follower of James Clear for a long time. I am so glad he finally wrote a book! This is all about habits, how to build sustainable habits. Some are so easy and he shares what he learned from his personal experience. If you are great at starting things, but not so good with long term sustainability, you need to learn how to build habits. A little less researching and science than Brendon’s book, but both together are excellent.

Being in the mom community, I started to see trends of how to make yourself wake up early. I was not really having it after having 3 kids and being sleep deprived for so long! But when I became an entrepreneur and interested in my personal development, I realized the only time I was getting to myself was up early before the household. So this was the book that changed it all for me.


This book radically changed my thinking on year-long goals. It was like it was talking to me. I love the way to set goals and be accountable for the goals you set. He talks about a scorecard that is your method of grading yourself based on the goals you have set. It works even better with an accountability group, but just the format of creating goals is key!

Money Mindset Book #1. The audible is even better. I love Jen’s dry sense of humor which shines in the author reading of the book. Not a listen out loud though when kids are around, just as a warning! She dispels so many money myths with real-life examples. I found myself nodding along, yes, that’s me. She has exercises and mantras to help you get over money mindset issues which I love and helped me with some of my beliefs about money. This is a must read!


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