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What types of programs do I use?

Click on the links below to find my favorite online courses & networks, resources, and tools.
Many I use every single day to both run my own business and use for client projects. I highly
recommend them to keep you organized and your business running smoothly.


*There are affiliate links contained on this page, meaning that if you make a purchase
through my link, I may be compensated.

Pinterest Resources

Pinning Foundations will help you get started with Pinterest for your business. For people who want to learn Pinterest/ DIYers or purchase it and hand it off to your VA to get started with your Pinterest marketing. You will learn how to set up your account properly from the beginning, Pinterest SEO aka Keywords to attract the right traffic to your website, and how to make pins that will attract attention and get click-throughs to your website.

Download my 6-Step framework & start building your passive income stream so you can organize, run, and maintain your affiliate marketing business on Pinterest in just a few hours a month. PLUS find out the 3-key criteria for your Pinterest-perfect affiliate program… so you can easily evaluate if a product’s affiliate program will make you $ and be worth your time.

Tailwind is THE ONLY scheduler I recommend and use for Pinterest. I can schedule my pins in only 1 hour a week which saves me tons of time but still driving traffic to my site and adding subscribers to my email list. I wrote an in-depth blog post about why I choose Tailwind and why you should too! You can read it HERE. If you want to try before you buy, you can sign up here for a FREE TRIAL.

Business Tools

I love that Groove Funnels helps create an easy one-page website, sell digital products, create affiliates for your products, courses, and more all in one place. Sign up for your FREE TRIAL now.

Book Like a Boss makes it so easy for your potential clients or customers to book a call with you. You can also sell digital products and services without having a website! Customize your branding and add images to make the introduction to your business impressive. You can take a look at my page to see what I am talking about: https://bookme.name/karriemarie/

I use this every day for graphics creation. I love their templates and the upgraded version for $12.95 is the best money I spend on my business. I keep the client’s branding colors at my fingertips and the resizing tool makes it invaluable for creating graphics across all the different platforms that use different graphics sizes. Not to mention, I create all my Pinterest pins in minutes with templates created within Canva Pro.

Interact has made creating quizzes for opt-ins so fun and easy. I wrote a blog post on how I use it for my business HERE.

Social Media Marketing & Scheduling Tools

Tailwind is THE ONLY scheduler I recommend and use for Pinterest. I wrote a blog post about why I choose Tailwind and why you should too! You can read it HERE. If you want to try before you buy, you can sign up here for a FREE TRIAL.

An excellent low-cost alternative to MeetEdgar which recycles your content on multiple platforms. It is very easy to use and they do have a FREE plan so you can try it before you upgrade.

An excellent FREE or low-cost tool to help you schedule your Instagram. Upload your images, plan your grid, add your introduction and hashtags and you are ready to go. I love that it is visual and so easy to use. I recommend it to all my clients and use it myself.

Website Design, Hosting, & Email Marketing Tools

My favorite hosting service for hosting my WordPress website. I have never had any problems and their customer service is excellent.

Tell Amanda I sent you!! She is absolutely a dream to work with. She kept me on track so I knew exactly what I needed to provide her to keep the project on track. Website creation can be overwhelming with all the options and she was able to guide me the whole way and I am thrilled with the end result. I get compliments on how beautiful it is all the time. Contact Amanda if you need help with your website.

Another designer I have worked with is Christi Cooper of CooperandHeart.com. She creates beautiful websites as well as sales pages. She is fun to work with and very responsive. You can check out her work at CooperandHeart.com to set up a time to discuss your project. Please tell her I sent you or I can introduce the two of you!

Convert Kit is my favorite email provider that I can't recommend enough. Automations are easy to build and their customer service is excellent! SIGN UP for a FREE trial. They also integrate with so many programs it makes it so easy to hook up.

My Biz Bookshelf

GET IT FOR FREE!! - Only Pay Shipping.

You can have the best product in the world for the best price, but what do you need to sell your product (or service)??  Yup, you guessed it...TRAFFIC!  Russell struggled with the idea of writing a book about traffic that wasn't going to be outdated in a month, 6 months, or a year. This is the finale of the trilogy of secrets books. How to fill your funnel with traffic.  You can get your copy for FREE! All you need to do is pay shipping. It is available for pre-order now. It ships May 5th.  Once you sign up, you do have the option to get the audiobook right away so you can binge on the content before the book comes. Or if you want the trilogy, you can also purchase the box set for $97. Russell has updated Dot Com Secrets & Expert Secrets too. Then he created a companion "workbook" called unlock the secrets that is included in the box set. This is seriously the holy grail of online marketing in these 3 books. Get your copy HERE.

Copywriting is one of the least favorite things about running a business but copywriters are usually very expensive so I often DIY it. If you struggle with: low email open rates or writing emails that sell, writing sales pages or making sales, getting people to click on your ads, this book is your manual. Easy to read with actionable tips and scripts that you can adapt to your business. If you struggle with writing copy, BUY THIS BOOK ASAP! (and get the physical copy, not the Kindle version so you can highlight)

GET IT FOR FREE!! - Only Pay Shipping.

The whole series is a marketing education in itself and needs to be on your bookshelf. Russell Brunson makes it easy to read and explains the concepts easily. In this book, learn how to create your mass movement, creating belief, your moral obligation, and he discusses 5 different types of funnels and then a bonus section on how to fill your funnel.  (umm, Pinterest?! 😉

GET IT FOR FREE - Only Pay Shipping

If you need to start at the very beginning and learn what value ladders and funnels are, start with this book. Russell explains is clearly and gives real-life, easy to explain examples. What are the different types of funnels, what funnel to use when, etc.  Learn about the different types of email sequences and how to get customers to buy again and again.



I have always loved reading from a young age. Now with smartphones and kids (!), I listen to books using Audible while I am in the car or on the treadmill. I love to read personal development and business books, so I am sharing some of my absolute life-changing favorites.

I found this one last May and loved it! Brendon has compiled over 20 years of research from the top performers and shares concrete tips from what they do so we can adapt them to our life.

I have been a follower of James Clear for a long time. I am so glad he finally wrote a book! This is all about habits, how to build sustainable habits. Some are so easy and he shares what he learned from his personal experience. If you are great at starting things, but not so good with long term sustainability, you need to learn how to build habits. A little less researching and science than Brendon’s book, but both together are excellent.

Being in the mom community, I started to see trends of how to make yourself wake up early. I was not really having it after having 3 kids and being sleep deprived for so long! But when I became an entrepreneur and interested in my personal development, I realized the only time I was getting to myself was up early before the household. So this was the book that changed it all for me.

This book radically changed my thinking on year-long goals. It was like it was talking to me. I love the way to set goals and be accountable for the goals you set. He talks about a scorecard that is your method of grading yourself based on the goals you have set. It works even better with an accountability group, but just the format of creating goals is key!

Money Mindset Book #1. The audible is even better. I love Jen’s dry sense of humor which shines in the author reading of the book. Not a listen out loud though when kids are around, just as a warning! She dispels so many money myths with real-life examples. I found myself nodding along, yes, that’s me. She has exercises and mantras to help you get over money mindset issues which I love and helped me with some of my beliefs about money. This is a must read!

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