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If you’ve been following along, you know I recently discovered GrooveFunnels web tools. This has been an answer to my business prayers. I shared all about how this system has been life-changing for me in the best ways in my post Streamline Your Business Toolkit with GrooveFunnels. The product was introduced with some basic features including twelve+ web tools. In August, GrooveFunnels released three new tools: GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveMember, and they just gave GrooveKart a big facelift. These can help you get started with your business fast if you are new to online business! GrooveKart is like an eCommerce business in a box!   


Anyone will tell you the fortune in your business is in your email list. That is where you nurture your relationships, promote your offers, and more. These people are truly “yours” unlike your social media followers that can be lost at the whim of a glitch in a program or the decision of a CEO to take something offline. Popular email programs are ConvertKit (which I currently use), and InfusionSoft. The best email programs allow for things like tagging, segmenting, and more.

GrooveMail is part of the GrooveDigital integrated system of web tools, so you don’t have to connect a webhook a zap to get it working. I hate having to do this with ClickFunnels! I don’t have to worry about outsourcing this to a tech VA since everything talks to the other parts of the system. What a time and money saver to me!

The mail now connects with the membership and this connects with the video. This means when someone buys my product, Pinning Foundations, they will automatically be added to my email list and properly tagged and sent any appropriate videos. Everything happens automatically. All the room for user error is eliminated (big stress off my shoulders!). I now have more time to create, more time with my family, and I know I can have more integrity in my business since when someone buys something or signs up for something, deliverability will be on point.

With the lifetime deal that is being promoted now, I was able to have 25,000 leads in my GrooveMail. What?!? And while I don’t have that kind of business right now, I think it’s absolutely amazing to think I can grow my business to that level without additional fees. Especially considering ConvertKit was going to charge me for additional subscribers each time I grew, almost like a penalty for doing well in my business.

As will all of the GrooveFunnels web tools builders, the emails are easy to design with a drag-and-drop canvas so it’s a really intuitive design process for creating your templates.

(Video provided by GrooveDigital)


The most important feature of GrooveVideo, other than the integration, is the ability to add tags and call to actions. I am not talking about a tag like a subject tag. But rather, a tag like a timestamp tag where someone would either land on a video, where they might stop playing a video, or if they see a portion of it. For example, someone watches a portion, but they don’t see your call to action portion. You will have this tagged for that particular customer. And remember, this is integrated with mail, so GrooveVideo will signal GrooveMail to resend them a particular email because it *knows* they did not get a particular message. Compare this to the technology used in ad retargeting similar to Amazon and Facebook.

Why is this important? If you are selling your course, your potential customer maybe didn’t watch it or maybe they didn’t watch the whole thing. The GrooveVideo tagged and triggered GrooveMail to send an email that might have read something like this, “Hey Friend, I know you have been super busy and haven’t had a chance to watch the video I sent, but I wanted to let you know the cart is going to be closing tomorrow.”  And you can adjust this to let you know if they have perhaps watched the video, but clicked off after the price, maybe offer a special payment plan or a bonus. You will have a chance to learn more about your audience and adjust your offer as needed if you choose.

Did they just read your mind?

It’s kind of like they did!

(Video provided by GrooveDigital)


GrooveMember is a course hosting platform that replaces, for me, Podia & Clickfunnels. So when someone buys my course they are taken to a portal where I have all my videos uploaded for delivery. The big disadvantage with putting my videos up is if they are on YouTube when they end, they are taken to a whole slew of related videos from my competitors (and in your case, these would be your competitors). If you are trying to become an influencer and build your brand, this is putting you at a disadvantage because you are literally leading your client to everyone else. To combat this, you need to pay $50/month for Vimeo.

GrooveMember allows almost like a storefront where my potential customers and current customers can see all the courses I have to offer. I love with Groove Member that all the videos are hosted within the platform, so my clients are not being taken to YouTube to view my course videos. This is a feature that I love about Podia.

Within the builder and GroovePages, I can structure my setup so that all the videos are hosted within the GrooveMember area. All the navigation is set up and everything is drag-and-drop and super easy to design. I love that it has an interface that is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get view, so it’s exactly how my end-user will be able to view my site and my platform. There will be no surprises once I hit preview.

GrooveMember also integrates a progress bar which I think is a really handy feature so students can see how far they are in the course.

(Video provided by GrooveDigital)


GrooveKart is poised to replace web tools like ThriveCart, WooCommerce, and other checkout apps I have been using within my business. It has free hosting, a faster and easier setup, and it’s more affordable than some of the competitors.

Compare this to other software. I will use Shopify in this example since it’s a popular e-commerce platform. To add this feature to Shopify you have to add an available app which is an additional cost for the app over the base fee for the platform.  In addition to that, because you are using another third-party payment system, like PayPal or Stripe, you are paying merchant fees of almost 3% plus an additional fee to Shopify, or you are using Shopify’s own payment system plus additional fees. Crazy, right?   With GrooveKart, they never charge you a monthly fee or a percentage of your sales.

GrooveKart comes with automatic integrations with some popular drop-shippers and Print on Demand companies (think AliExpress and TeeScape). If you’d like to view a demo of how to add some of these products to your shop, check out the video below. It auto-populates all the information you need, and you are ready to go!  A gallery of mock-up designs for the print-on-demand is available right within the app and ready to share on social media. Because everything is done on mock-ups, you can create as many designs on as many products as you desire. Products aren’t sitting somewhere unused in a warehouse with money tied up in inventory.  Remember you may want to update any description to fit your brand and audience, but overall you are ready to go!

You also have the one-click upsell page right in the dashboard to add in any related products you want to suggest. These increase your average order value between 15-30% and this is NOT a feature offered by Shopify without the use of a third-party app.

(Video provided by GrooveDigital)


While not really a new release of a web tool, I want to remind you that you aren’t left alone in learning any of this. GrooveAcademy comes as a learning tool with your membership. It contains live videos, recorded videos, a Facebook community, additional recordings on YouTube, and honestly, just information anywhere you can imagine on how to make the most use of all the features of the platform. You can have a quick surface overview or a deep-dive of anything depending on how little or how much you choose to learn.

If you haven’t jumped on GrooveFunnels suite of web tools yet, I encourage you to get their free account that allows you to access GroovePages Lite or three funnels and GrooveKart which is for selling physical products in one storefront.

If everything I have shared above sounds like stuff you need though then you will want to jump on the lifetime access plan. The free account limits you to just the three URL pages, the GroveKart, and the GrooveAffiliate at 20%.

If you want to get all the web tools including GrooveMail, GrooveVideo, GrooveMember that I talked about plus GrooveBlog, GrooveWebinars, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey, 45% on the GrooveAffiliates and any new features released you will want to get Lifetime Access plan here.

BUT, you’ll want to act fast!  Prices for the Lifetime Access Plan is increased Sept. 1st and eventually will be going away and to the monthly payment plan!

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

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