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 As a business owner, you may be disgruntled about Facebook’s declining reach, but where Facebook is losing ground, Pinterest is gaining. Pinterest’s 1.5% percentage-point increase in the share of visits year-on-year (YoY) more than doubled the other growing social networks combined.

Pinterest gets about 2 billion searches monthly, roughly 85% are now from mobile. More than ½ the active users (and 75% of new signups) are coming from outside the U.S.

Did you know you can grow your email list, your YouTube channel or Podcast with Pinterest?

If you are not on Pinterest yet, I suggest you get on it now, and fast!  But along with another social media platform, comes the question, how do I schedule the pins and what content do I schedule?

Manual pinning is incredibly time-consuming.  You could waste 2 to 3 hours a day just pinning/sharing relevant content to your boards.  If you are like me, you might find something to read, click on a link in that article, then another. Then it’s an hour has later and you haven’t done a thing.  Having a Pinterest scheduler eliminates that temptation (at least a little!)

Like other social media platforms, you want to get your content in front of eyes at the best possible time to be viewed by your ideal audience. Tailwind comes to the rescue to help you increase your visibility, even when you’re sleeping.

Tailwind is also the only scheduling company that works with the people at Pinterest to help you get the best exposure and start driving traffic to your site.

Tailwind for Pinterest Strategy

5 reasons why you need Tailwind to boost your Pinterest strategy.

1. Smart, Interval Scheduling –

With Tailwind, you will need to schedule content each week to keep your calendar full. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins on any schedule you choose, but where they shine is in helping create a schedule just for you.  Tailwind has billions of data points and you can use all of that data to your advantage by letting Tailwind figure out the best times to pin your content. Good news for you so you can get your content out in front of the eyes of your ideal audience.

Tailwind has gone the extra mile and added a few extra tools to help save you a lot of time with scheduling and curating content.

  • The Tailwind browser extension in Chrome makes this pretty easy to do and depending on the number of pins you pin each day, it should take you between 1-2 hours per week to do your scheduling. The browser extension allows you to schedule pins from any website. It will also allow you to pin to multiple boards or add it to your tailwind tribes.
  • The shuffle feature allows you to shuffle where the pins fall on your schedule
  • The lock feature locks in the times a particular pin is scheduled to go out. You can shuffle the rest of your pins without that pin being affected
  • The Interval Scheduler allows you to set a specific interval for a pin you post to multiple boards
  • Tailwind has created Board Lists help you pin your new blog post to your group boards with one click, saving you time
  • Batch pinning allows you to schedule multiple pins at one time
  • The Content Discovery recommends relevant pins for you to schedule so less time is spent curating content
  • The Smart Feed shows you pins based on what you have liked in the past. It shows you more of what you like, so you are more likely to read it or save it for later.

2. Tailwind Tribes  – 

Similar to group boards, a tribe is a group collaboration board within the platform.  It allows you to schedule content directly from the tribe.  You will also get a weekly email detailing how well your pins have performed in the tribes. This allows you to grow in visibility, even with a small following on Pinterest.

As a tribe member, you have a similar niche/content to others so you can help your fellow tribemates out by pinning similar content. There are often rules associated with tribes that are enforced so no one is just adding their own content to be shared but pinning/sharing others’ content as well. If you are not sharing, you could be removed from the group.

3. Tailwind Analytics –

Tailwind recently added 30 days of analytics to match Pinterest’s 30-day analytics (previously you could only get 7 days). Tailwind provides analytics about your pins and boards so you can strategically repurpose your best-performing content.

4. Smart Loop –

A newer feature, Smart Loop, allows you to pin it and forget it as it recycles or “loops” your best pins. This is a great option for your evergreen content that you want consistently pinned throughout the year. You also have the option to set up seasonal loops.  Seasonal loops have a start and stop date associated with the loop. This feature will automatically loop your seasonal pins during the time frame you decide upon.

5. Video Pin Scheduling –

UPDATED: 8/29/19

YET ANOTHER REASON to love Tailwind! We all know video is the rage and Pinterest created video pins. In a feed of static images, video pins get noticed!  The problem was you couldn’t schedule them but had to just upload them directly to Pinterest. Now Tailwind has added video pin scheduling which allows you to schedule your video pins via Tailwind!

More languages will probably become available but for now, Pinterest is allowing videos in English, French, and German. Pinterest is reviewing all pins after they go live and once the review is complete, usually within 24 hours, your audience will be able to view them.

Read this detailed Tailwind article that tells you everything you need to know about using Video on Pinterest

I have a YouTuber as a client that we have driven substantial traffic to her YouTube account with just pins. In the first 30 days of using Pinterest, her traffic increased by 20%, and gained a substantial amount of new followers. You can bet we are going to start using video pins now that we have Tailwind to schedule them for us.

As an added BONUS –  Tailwind also has become an official partner with Instagram to allow you to schedule Instagram posts and post to Instagram rather than the “reminder” to post. An official partner scheduler that can help with two social media platforms. The Instagram scheduler allows you to link to Dropbox or drag and drop uploads so you can style your board to your brand. There are boards to save your hashtags and a smart scheduler here as well tells you when is the optimal time to post.

Tailwind is a straightforward platform with an easy-to-understand layout. They have great support if you have an issue. The few times I have used their customer support, I went through their chat feature and was very happy with the results.

The good news is Tailwind offers free trials for both Pinterest and Instagram. If you want to try them out before you commit, you can do so at no cost. Click here if you want to try Tailwind FREE*.

If you’re curious how Tailwind compares to other scheduling tools, you can check this chart out: Tailwind for Pinterest compared to the competition. The chart shares the features of Tailwind against some other popular tools like Planoly, Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am a Pinterest Manager & Strategist. I can help you create your own personal Pinterest strategy. If you still don’t have time, you can view my Pinterest Services and contact me HERE to see how I can help.

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

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