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On social media and my email, I asked the question, if you weren’t using Pinterest, what’s holding you back? And the answers were incredible. I appreciate all those who commented.

The overwhelming majority said, “TIME” was your major obstacle, and more than one answered a roadmap or blueprint. (read on for that! 😉 ) But in the meantime, I’m sharing my top 4 tips for using Pinterest that will save you time AND skyrocket your marketing efforts!

4 Tips for Using Pinterest to Save You Time:

1. USE TEMPLATES! – Canva templates specifically but if you prefer another design platform, by all means, use what you are most comfortable and fastest with. For me, it’s Canva. Templates are a time saver which is why I include them in my Pinterest course, Pinning Foundations.

When I first started using Pinterest, I would approach a blank Canva screen and wonder what type of design I would create. My mind would go blank so I would scroll Pinterest for ideas (and I bet you can guess where that ended up!) So yes, an hour later, if I was lucky, I would go back to Canva with some design ideas. Looking back, I don’t know why I didn’t use Canva’s templates but that was 5+ years ago so maybe it wasn’t as expanded as it is today.

My favorite places for templates are mine, of course, then almost any place where you get images from, my favorite – Styled Stock Society is what I am using right now, Creative Market, Tailwind also has some. There is no shortage of templates available.

My Canva tips: save your brand color palette if you haven’t already. For 2021, I created one new thread of 12 templates for my blog posts that match my brand colors and have my website URL. Then I will make a copy for each blog post and create 12 images for each post. (not all at one time but they will be there for me for all of 2021)

2. BATCHING! – Now with my templates, I batch create 3 images at a time for all my blog posts, lead magnet, and courses. Then I download them all into a folder to bulk upload into Tailwind. If you aren’t into graphics creation or have a Virtual Assistant, this is a great task to outsource!

When I upload my images to Tailwind, it is much easier to copy/ paste pin URLs and descriptions across multiple pins at one time. Then they can easily be scheduled out 3 months in advance with just a few clicks which in turn, makes filling my Pin queue quick each week because the existing content has been scheduled out already.

3. CREATE A SYSTEM! – It may take a couple of tries to find a routine that works for you. In Pinning Foundations, I share my Productivity Playbook which is sharing my Pinterest routine, the tasks I perform weekly, monthly, and quarterly so that I can manage my Pinterest marketing in less than one hour a week, and 2-3 hours per month. Any system takes time to adapt but once it’s in place, you get faster and more efficient. And if you prefer to outsource some of the work, you can do that too! You may already have a system in place for your social media posting where you can slide this right in without too much extra work. I love the resize option in Canva. If you are making an Instagram or Facebook post, you can easily resize it to a pin

4. REPURPOSE! – OK. So not specific to Pinterest only, but as entrepreneurs, we should all be creating content. If you have been in business for years, most likely you shouldn’t be creating as much content, but repurposing what you have and then filling in where needed.

That includes repurposing blog posts, videos, Facebook lives, etc. Pinterest isn’t only for blog posts. I can’t stress that enough. If you aren’t sure where to start with repurposing, you can read my post here where I share some of the top tips from industry experts.

Ready to Save Time with a Blueprint?

These tips for using Pinterest are just a start in saving you time within your business. You should be able to incorporate your Pinterest into your marketing and social media routine with strategy and schedulers too. If you don’t have a social media routine, then nothing will help! 😊

If you want access to my Pinterest templates or my Productivity Playbook, they’re inside my Pinterest course, Pinning Foundations.

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

As an Online Business Manager, Launch Manager, & Tech Specialist, I remove the tech and systems barriers for women entrepreneurs so they can strategically grow their business without sacrificing time with their families. I am a wife, home schooling mom to 3, and cat mom. I live in Chicago, IL. I love reading, traveling, trying new restaurants, and watching movies.

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