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Create Your Launch Plan with Ease

Launching can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be if you’re organized with a plan and  give yourself enough time to execute

No more sleepless nights when you have a list of tasks already created for you.

This launch plan is based on four weeks of prep and can be customized to your time frame.

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Hi, I’m Karrie…

Your Launch Manager, extraordinaire!

I help entrepreneurs launch their programs with ease.

Imagine if you could ditch the overwhelm and enjoy launching which leads to more sales and money!

DISCIPLINE is my number one strength in the Clifton Strength Finders. Structure and routine are my love language which is why I LOVE my to-do lists. (I was that strange kid who loved to organize their closet growing up.)

Nothing gives me more pleasure than crossing things off my list when I get them done and I bring that same organizational skill and love of closing loops to my client’s launches.

Think of me as your project manager for launches.