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Audio is all the rage, especially for my audience moms on the go. I’m currently in the process of recording my second audio summit, the Launch Made Simple Audio Summit, and I wanted to share with you my favorite new tool called Hello Audio. Hello Audio is software that lets you take your digital content – think blogs, courses, emails, lead magnets, and more – and turn it into a podcast feed that your audience can listen to anytime, anywhere. Here are 5 ways to use Hello Audio in your business to boost engagement. 

Audio helps you build the know, like, and trust factor that is essential to credibility in online businesses. When someone hears your voice, they feel a deeper sense of connection to you. When your audience hears the tone of your voice, they are able to build a greater understanding of the information you are sharing. Plus, audio can be used anywhere you can use video; it’s 100% portable. As a mom-on-the-go, my podcast tool of choice is Podcast Addict, but Hello Audio enables you to listen on any of your favorite players such as Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, etc.

5 Ways to Use Hello Audio in Your Business

A Private Podcast

At the time of this post, I’m using Hello Audio to record my second Micro Audio Summit™. This is my strategy for lead generation during 2022. You can read more about Using Micro Audio Summits™ for Lead Generation here. My inspiration came from Wendy Breakstone, the creator of the Micro Audio Summit™ format. I joined her Accelerator program at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been hooked on Hello Audio ever since! Micro Audio Summits™ are set up as private podcasts, so only those who register are able to access the speaker interviews. 

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are another example of lead generation. So, for example, if you had an e-book pdf as a lead magnet, you can also easily record the audio and include that. I follow a copywriter and she’ll read you her emails when you sign up for her list. Another option would be creating a mini-series of five or maybe even 30 days. I recently signed up to receive a downloadable meditation that I listen to on repeat.

Add it to a Course

Maybe you’ve had the experience of joining a course and you are pretty much tethered to your monitor watching the videos? There’s no app for the platform and no other way to access the content but sequestering yourself in front of your computer for hours? With Hello Audio as an option, you can add an additional option of an audio feed. I am sure your students will love you if they could listen on the go!

You could also use audio to create bonuses for your course. Back to the meditation option I just mentioned; while that was a lead magnet, the group program also had an additional bonus of 30 days of mediations that went deeper into the juiciness of the program so it really enhanced the learning.

Be creative! Try adding a special coaching session or a workshop or presentation in audio and adding it to your course as a bonus.

5 Ways to Use Hello Audio for your business

Create a Course

Yup! You can create an audio course! Hello Audio recently did a great example of this. They ran a challenge for $17 that was how to create an audio lead magnet using Hello Audio in five days.

These are super easy for you to create since there is no worrying about a bad hair day, no fussing with your makeup, etc. Just talk into your microphone and the course is ready to go! 

You can use audio for launching. For example, I mentioned my Launch Made Simple Audio Summit. As I explained, I am using these audio summits as my lead generation strategy for 2022. Following the summit, I have these highly engaged people who just listened to me and the people that I interviewed for the summit. Afterward, I’m able to share my offers whether it’s a course, program, workshop, or something else.

Jeff Walker created his Product Launch Formula (PLF) to launch using highly engaging videos to launch. You can recreate the exact same engagement using Hello Audio. I can hear it now, “Introverts Unite! Go Forth With Audio!”

Use it for Your Business in a Variety of Ways

The truth is, the possibilities of ways to add Hello Audio to your business are endless: coaching calls, Zoom calls, group calls, or any kind of membership can all be captured in an mp4 format and shared with your audience. If you are hosting a retreat or event, you can offer replays.

I recently attended Marketer’s Heart at Disney, and as part of the program, they provided an audio feed of all the presentations. I’m able to relisten to any of those speakers on replay any time I need to refresh my memory or get a boost of motivation like I had at the conference.

Other ideas could include sharing case studies, interviews, a weekly newsletter, or your client onboarding process.

How Can Audio Be Delivered to You Audience

While it’s great that Hello Audio is easy to create and easy to consume, it’s also easy to deliver to your audience. This is so convenient when considering all the ways to add Hello Audio to your business.


Create a playlist (just like on Netflix!). I do this with my Launch Made Simple Audio Summit. After I announce the launch, I have a registration page set up and it’s scheduled to launch on a particular date. The attendees signed up are able to access all of the interviews at one time so they can binge listen to as many as they want: one, five, or nine audios all at one time. 

Date Based

If you created a private podcast for your followers, you could send it out every Monday. It could also be dripped. You’d utilize this feature if you were running a challenge or a course, for example. Going back to the Hello Audio challenge I participated in, they released one lesson each day every single day. They’re making it evergreen so they could either deliver it to you all at once or if they wanted you to follow along, they could drip it out every single day over. You also have that option so you can pace it daily, weekly, etc. 

Additional Features

  • Hello Audio offers embed codes so you can add an audio file any place where you can put in an HTML code; a website, emails, you name it.
  • Hello Audio also has a lot of integrations and the list is growing daily.  I know for sure that they integrate with MemberVault and other course platforms are coming. Zapier is another popular option to link Hello Audio with your platforms.
  • Create a personal audio CRM by inserting audio notes into the feed and then continue reading.
  • Create ad spots so if you have a lead magnet you could insert an audio commercial telling them about a course, program, or service that you want to lead them to.
  • Insert your audio commercial into the beginning, middle, or end of your interview or whatever that piece of audio content is
  • Tagging capabilities to segment your audiences


Your imagination is the only limit for how you can use Hello Audio and audio in general. Audio is easy to use. You can repurpose content that you already have. So any YouTube videos, Facebook lives, Zoom videos, can be dragged and dropped into the Hello Audio software and turn it into a podcast feed. There’s no separate step to separating it out.

Hello Audio has an amazing Facebook group community. I love the creativity and hearing all the different ways that people are now incorporating audio into their business. They have an amazing team of creators including Dr. Lindsay Padilla, Derek Padilla, and Nora Sudduth, all of whom are very active in the community. They listen to their users as they have developed the product over the last couple of years and are continuing to add features based on users’ requests. They are still working on adding a variety of integrations. 

Hello Audio starts from $14 billed annually or $17 per month. There is a Pro version which is $39 per month billed annually or $47 billed monthly. This is subject to change. The highest tier is $81 per month billed annually or $97 billed monthly. They do offer a seven-day free trial, but you’ll be hooked in less time than that. I know I was!

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with on how you’re going to use audio. If you need tech help setting it up, book a call, and let’s chat about your audio project. 

Micro Audio Summit™ is a trademark of Wendy Breakstone, Wow Your Prospects, LLC. All rights reserved.

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