In this new age of digital marketing, a lot of skills are heaped under the term “Virtual Assistant.” As a virtual assistant who spends a lot of time networking in Facebook groups, I see a lot of business owners looking for help in a variety of areas. “Virtual Assistant” is a recent term that gets used quite a bit. I hope I can clarify what you can outsource to a virtual assistant to make your job easier to find a perfect team member for your business.


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Know What You Need to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

In one Facebook post, a business owner is looking for a VA but really needs help with branding, or a copywriter, or tech help with a website issue. I have also seen posts for a VA who can create a logo, ghostwrite blog posts, and set up a funnel.

Many Virtual Assistants have multiple skill sets but to get the best fit for your business, you may need to hire multiple people. It may be more cost-effective as well. Freelancers with extensive technical knowledge who demand a higher wage may be able to do email management, but most likely that could be accomplished by an admin VA. Also if it is on a project basis, spend the money for an expert because, in the long run, the task will get completed faster with some who already has the knowledge.

A Virtual Assistant can be a team member who helps with the ongoing operations of your business or they can help with a one-time project, like building your website or getting your email marketing system in place. The key to hiring anyone is to be clear as to what you need help with so you can clearly state what it is you are looking for.

Also realize virtual assistants can also be niche-focused, like fitness and health-related, or work with specific people, like authors, bloggers, or coaches. There is less of a learning curve for your VA if he or she is familiar with the terminology of your specific niche. An example would be familiarity with real estate or health-specific terms.

Common Types of Virtual Support Professionals

Virtual Assistants offer an extensive range of knowledge and experience. A better term would be a freelancer rather than a VA, but here’s a thorough (but not exhaustive) list of what you can outsource to get you started:

  • General administrative assistants offer traditional office support, like email management, online/market research, data entry, and customer service
  • Executive or Personal Assistants can assist with travel planning, personal errands, event planning, appointment setting
  • Tech VAs can help you with the technical aspects of your business that you don’t have the time for or knowledge to do it yourself, like WordPress maintenance, setting up your email marketing system, or creating funnels
  • Social Media Managers and Strategists can design and implement a social media strategy across different social media platforms, curate content whether it’s a video or written, or create simple graphics for Facebook posts or Pinterest pins
  • Copywriters can write, edit, and transcribe content
  • Website or Graphic Designers create your logo and branding, graphics, and manage your website development
  • Online Business Managers can manage your whole team and implement strategic objectives
  • Bookkeepers and accountants are probably a more familiar used term, but often time a Virtual Assistant can offer basic bookkeeping services if they have experience

There are unicorn VAs and people who change directions with their business.  For example, I started out doing administrative work since I had admin-marketing experience working in corporate America. I moved into social media management since I enjoyed doing that type of work. I took classes and gained experience to become a strategist, and learned how to build funnels using certain software.

Take Your Time to Find the Best Match

A question I love to be asked in a discovery call is what is your zone of genius or what do you enjoy doing the most?  I do have a variety of skills but others are more enjoyable for me to perform. I appreciate being asked what do I like to do. This shows you care. The idea is to find out if your personalities match. Certain skills can be learned if necessary. People work with people as the expression goes.

So before you post on Facebook for a Virtual Assistant, be specific in the tasks you want to be performed and use the appropriate title so you will get responses from freelancers that fit your qualifications.

After you hire a team member, the next step is to Document Your Processes and Manage Expectations.  This is important because documenting your processes ensures the work gets done to your specifications. You may need to hire additional VAs and since you have it documented, you can hand over your “workers manual” and help get them off to the right start.

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