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 New to Pinterest, but you already have a solid business in place? Then you are in the right place at the right time, because I am going to present to you the importance of having a Pinterest account linked to your eCommerce business.

Why Pinterest? Because there are more than 445 million people using Pinterest monthly and they are all seeking ideas, inspiration, or new products.

Why eCommerce? Online shopping is at the forefront of consumer trends and is only going to become more popular and more convenient. Studies show that in 2019, eCommerce sales around the world had a total of 3.53 trillion US dollars, and in 2022 these will grow up to 6.54 trillion US dollars, which means almost double. 

Now, let’s see the significance of having Pinterest for your eCommerce business.

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Why Do You Actually Need Pinterest for Your eCommerce Business?

Pinterest is indeed an opportunity for your business to grow! Want to know how?

Firstly, it is easier to get conversions on Pinterest, compared to other social media platforms. Pinners get more easily and more directly to the source, and the chance to convert them from potential customers to leads or sales is considerable.

Secondly, Pinterest drives a lot, and I mean really a lot of traffic. When you create a pin, it comes together with an image, content, and URL. And if you succeed in creating qualitative visuals that your target audience enjoys, you are on the right track. That’s why you should be on the platform when they are doing research — so that you can later convert them.

Last but not least, studies show that Pinterest is the fastest-growing site in history, reaching 10 million unique visitors per month. What does this tell you? That your eCommerce business MUST be present on this social media platform! 

The outcome?

  • Brand awareness
  • Boost sales
  • New leads
  • Relevant audiences
  • High user engagement
  • Blog traffic

Types of Businesses that Should Have a Pinterest Account?

Here is the good news! Literally each and every business needs a Pinterest account! There are many misconceptions regarding what type of business should be on Pinterest. Of course, some businesses are more frequent on this social media platform, but the truth is that every single one has the same chance as the others if things are done properly.

That being said, it does not matter if your eCommerce business is focused on home decor, health & care, beauty, fashion, DIY projects, motivational and inspirational quotes, travel, technology, wedding, or any other branch Pinterest for business is here to help you! Furthermore, I am here to help you! Service or product-oriented businesses? It does not matter, because I will give you all the support you need in managing your Pinterest business account.

Remember that this visual social media platform can bring you a suitable audience, so wait no more!


6 Easy Steps to Set up Your Pinterest Business Account for Your eCommerce 

Another great advantage of having Pinterest for your eCommerce business is that it takes little time and effort to set it up. Here are the steps you should take in order to create one:

  1. Go to Pinterest business website 
  2. Fill in your business information and follow the steps 
  3. Add your profile picture, website, country, language, and click next
  4. Select the focus and the type of business 
  5. Choose between wanting to run ads or I’m not sure yet
  6. Choose your goal: create a pin, grow your audience, or showcase your brand

You are ready to go! 

Now that you have your Pinterest business account set up, the challenging part comes next: to understand how this advertising social media platform works for your eCommerce business. 

Create a plan together with your Pinterest strategist in order to generate traffic on your website and to increase sales. Remember: if people say that Pinterest is not working for them, it means that they are not using it correctly. 

Easily Build a Wonderful Shopping Experience for Your Clients

With the rise of e-commerce, Pinterest has made it easy for customers to shop right from your profile with a “Shop” tab where your products can be organized into product catalogs.  You can have up to 8 catalogs.

This is easy to set up if you currently use one of the following platforms: Shopify, Square, Lengow, ChannelAdvisor, GoDataFeed, Feedonomics, and Productsup. When you partner with one of these sites, it will format your products for publication on Pinterest.

It’s a win-win for both you and your customers. Pinterest can create a unique shopping experience for your customers by identifying and understand pinners’ style on one hand and helping your business reach its goals on the other hand.

Set Up your Pinterest account and enjoy the benefits of it

Now, let me ask you: do you have any more doubts about using Pinterest for your eCommerce business? I hope you do not! No worries, I will be here to offer you all the guidance you need to properly set up your Pinterest business account, boost traffic to your website, and increase sales.

Pinterest for business brings you a lot of benefits! It’s time to use them to your advantage.

Karrie Chariton

Karrie Chariton

As an Online Business Manager, Launch Manager, & Tech Specialist, I remove the tech and systems barriers for women entrepreneurs so they can strategically grow their business without sacrificing time with their families. I am a wife, home schooling mom to 3, and cat mom. I live in Chicago, IL. I love reading, traveling, trying new restaurants, and watching movies.

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